What If You Could Make Europe a Wilder Place by going on holiday?

The European Safari Company specialises in experiential nature based travel across Europe. While the word 'safari' has become synonymous with Africa, we offer equally as wild adventures right here in Europe, from the Arctic north to vast eastern forests and rugged Mediterranean coast.



Welcome to the European Safari Company. We support and connect locally based partners with unique experiences to you - the traveler. The European Safari Company hand picks untouched nature based experiences, hard to find or hear about to bring you the ultimate nature based getaways. The European Safari Company believes in real experience, wilder nature and authentic people.

Every trip you take has a direct impact on the area, the conservation efforts and the people that you meet. Born from a desire to show people the beauty and drama of Rewilding Europe’s operational areas, the European Safari Company specialises in experiential nature-based travel.

While the word “safari” has long been synonymous with Africa, we offer equally wild adventures right here in Europe, from the frozen Arctic north, to the sweeping forests of eastern Europe, to the rugged coast of the Mediterranean.

Safari's are a journey, a moment of reflection or a life changing experience and are accessible right here, in Europe.

Let’s make Europe even wilder together!


We offer unique experiences that directly support wild nature and wildlife comeback in some of Europe’s most special places. Places that often suffer from rural depopulation, land abandonment and economic downturn, where rewilding can breath new life and prosperity into these landscapes.

Travellers with the European Safari Company not only experience some of Europe’s finest nature, but directly learn about and contribute to rewilding and support local communities. Dedicated levies from each booking support rewilding initiatives, while local nature-based businesses benefit from income, job creation and developmental support from Rewilding Europe.

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