What if you could make Europe
a wilder place by Going on a holiday?

Welcome to the European Safari Company. We support and connect locally based partners with unique experiences to you - the traveler. The European Safari Company hand picks untouched nature based experiences, hard to find or hear about to bring you the ultimate nature based getaways. The European Safari Company believes in real experience, wilder nature and authentic people.

Every trip you take has a direct impact on the area, the conservation efforts and the people that you meet.

Safari's are a journey, a moment of reflection or a life changing experience and are accessible right here, in Europe!

Let’s make Europe even wilder together!

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The setting of the refuge provides a magical place to explore from, enjoy a sunset in summer and listen to wolves howling in the winter nights. Read more

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An impressive number of Europe's iconic wildlife species are coming back, as shown by recent research publications. This creates great opportunities for people to adapt their attitudes and create new, positive relationships with our own, native fauna!

You don’t need to go too far to go on a safari, to experience wild nature and the people who are sharing the ever changing landscapes across Europe.

Bison tracking, hiking, wildlife watching and boat trips...mountain biking and bird watching...photography and remote sleep outs – with wolf, bear, deer and wild boar and many other creatures around you.

In recent times Sara Noro has frequently found herself working late on northeast Portugal’s Faia Brava Reserve. Yet the architect, guesthouse owner, entrepreneur and mother of three isn’t complaining. In fact, she’s rather pleased.

“Cloudless night skies are the most spectacular thing about being on the reserve after dark,” says Sara. “Away from all artificial light, surrounded by the blackness of the land, the marvelous canopy of stars overhead is a real retreat.

”Sara’s efforts, and those of her working partner Ana Berliner, will 

soon see the public opening of the appropriately named Star Camp, a simple yet spectacularly sited property in the heart of northeast Portugal’s Faia Brava Reserve.

“It has certainly been hard work,” says Sara with a smile. “But we are so excited about sharing the beauty of the reserve with our guests. This camp is a unique opportunity for us to contribute toward an environment that my family and I have treasured for many years.”

Natural selection
Sandwiched between the peaks of the Serra da Marofa and vineyards

of the Douro, in the steep sided valley of the Coa River, the Faia Brava Reservation extends across nearly 1000 hectares. A haven for wildlife, one of the reserve’s major attractions is its birdlife.

Faia Brava’s varied habitat boasts a smattering of olive trees and cork oaks, as well as abandoned farm houses, shepherd shelters and meandering dry stone walls.

Sara Noro
Star Camp, Portugal


More than an overnight stay, an experience to sleep in middle of nature without sacrificing your comfort. Dinner under the stars paired with fresh local products, premium Douro and Port wines that will lull you away for a night to remember.

A night spent surrounded by nature, covered by a blanket of stars. Wake to the sunrise over the Coa Valley and enjoy breakfast with a view. Star Camp is a must on every travelers dream list!