What if you could make Europe
a wilder place by Going on a holiday?

Welcome to the European Safari Company. We support and connect locally based partners with unique experiences to you - the traveler. The European Safari Company hand picks untouched nature based experiences, hard to find or hear about to bring you the ultimate nature based getaways. The European Safari Company believes in real experience, wilder nature and authentic people.

Every trip you take has a direct impact on the area, the conservation efforts and the people that you meet.

Safari's are a journey, a moment of reflection or a life changing experience and are accessible right here, in Europe!

Let’s make Europe even wilder together!

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A beautiful collaboration of experience awaits...bringing together the rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and diverse wildlife. 

From EUR0 460,
Wolf tracking in Italy
A three day experience in the heart of Abruzzo National park. Tracking wolves and other wildlife. Overnight in remote mountain cottages and enjoy the mountain splendour!
From EURO 1330,
Six night Rewilding retreat
Visit inspiring rewilding projects where you'll hear first-hand from the experts on the ground. They provide fascinating insight into their work and explain why rewilding is beneficial to both wildlife and people.


An impressive number of Europe's iconic wildlife species are coming back, as shown by recent research publications. This creates great opportunities for people to adapt their attitudes and create new, positive relationships with our own, native fauna!

You don’t need to go too far to go on a safari, to experience wild nature and the people who are sharing the ever changing landscapes across Europe.

Bison tracking, hiking, wildlife watching and boat trips...mountain biking and bird watching...photography and remote sleep outs – with wolf, bear, deer and wild boar and many other creatures around you.

Meet Petra

Petra Draškovič Pelc is an enthusiastic traveler, photographer and nature guide, lover of Northern horizons, a curious admirer of nature, author of countless articles in Slovenia and abroad, and holds a PhD in biomedical science but she found her calling in nature photography and guiding.

She enjoys silence, peace, the tracks of large carnivores, the smell of forest in the rain and the beauty of the light-flooded wilds of all the untouched corners of the world like Alaska, Lapland or Altai Mountains deep in Siberia, as well as the beauty of her local Kočevsko area and Slovenia.

Throughout her diverse work of guiding, photographing and writing, she tries to express love towards nature and its preservation, bringing us closer to the beauty of the landscape she loves, as well as to develop active, boutique and inspiring tourism where you can truly experience the forest.

“Bringing people to the forest, showing them their magic light, revealing the secrets of the forest, seeding love for caring of nature and making friends at the same time” is not only my passion, it is a way of my life.

“And moments like this change you forever.“

'Life has secrets pathways, and only your heart knows how to get there.'

When you look with open heart and curious eyes, everything is a miracle. 

Petra Draškovič Pelc
Nature guide and photographer


More than an overnight stay, an experience to sleep in middle of nature without sacrificing your comfort. Dinner under the stars paired with fresh local products, premium Douro and Port wines that will lull you away for a night to remember.

A night spent surrounded by nature, covered by a blanket of stars. Wake to the sunrise over the Coa Valley and enjoy breakfast with a view. Star Camp is a must on every travelers dream list!