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The European Safari Company specialises in experiential nature based travel across Europe.

While the word 'safari' has become synonymous with Africa, we offer equally as wild adventures right here in Europe, from the Arctic north to vast eastern forests and rugged Mediterranean coast.

About us

The concept of the European Safari Company was born from the need that arose within Rewilding Europe’s areas for a platform to show the world the beauty of these destinations and allow people to easily access these.

The European Safari Company offers unique adventures that directly support nature, wildlife and local cultures in unique places across our continent. Places where nature is still thriving or bouncing back due to rural depopulation, legal protection and rewilding efforts. Places that have the opportunity to build a new future based on their unique setting, landscapes, wildlife, local culture and people.  

The European Safari Company is a nature travel company where travelers contribute to rewilding and nature conservation. With each trip, as a nature traveler you will have a positive impact because you are directly supporting rewilding activities and local communities. For instance through conservation levies from each booking – contributions to annual rewilding initiatives in the areas are made – and the fact that the destinations are all part of a rewilding movement. Local nature focused businesses are assisted through developmental, operational and communications support.

We believe that the European Safari Company will also raise further awareness about wild nature in Europe and will benefit the comeback of wildlife through enhancing the relationship between wilder nature, wildlife and people. 

Our team

Growing up, Aukje enjoyed nature mostly from horseback, which instilled a love for wandering in wild spaces. She holds degrees in Law and History, and she discovered true adventure travel while cycling from Tanzania to the Netherlands. This once in a lifetime experience opened her eyes to the importance of supporting local communities. Her tourism dollars were helping them build their own sustainable communities. When she finished her biking expedition, Aukje started working as the Director of non- profit organisation Respect the Mountains. Aukje now works as our Operations Manager, where she can combine her love for travel and nature. She aims to help guests not only to enjoy a wonderful holiday, but also to come closer to nature so that they can, in turn, use their tourism dollars to care for wild spaces.

Irene is an intern at The European Safari Company. She moved to the Netherlands two years ago and has a bachelor's and a master's in Tourism Management specializing in nature-based tourism and sustainability. She has written both her thesis about ecotourism and loves to keep in touch with any new developments on the field. In her free time, she sings in a choir, runs, and hikes. Her favourite adventures so far have been visiting 13 out of the 15 Spanish National Parks, paragliding in Turkey, hiking and camping in Norway for a month and walking the St James Way in Northern Spain.

Our intern Nicole can say that she is not a citizen of any country, but a citizen of the of the world. Having lived in five different countries, and traveling frequently much as possible, she has strived to immerse herself in the local culture, and learned to appreciate the different cultures and open her mind to new and different adventures. Originally from Uruguay, she came to the Netherlands to study communication and marketing and is currently in her fourth year at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. Nicole is doing her thesis at the European Safari Company, focusing on the increase of awareness and implementation of eco-tourism.

Strategic Partner

Rewilding Europe is a ground-breaking initiative, working to bring back wild nature to Europe in a way that benefits both nature and people. Launched in 2011, a team of conservation, enterprise and communication experts working from different European countries started pioneering a new conservation vision for Europe.

A vision where wild nature is not only recognized as an important and inherent aspect of Europe’s natural and cultural heritage, but as an essential element of a modern, prosperous and healthy European society in the 21st century.

Right now eight, (ultimately 10) rewilding areas across our continent are being developed as showcases for this new conservation vision. In these areas, wild nature and wildlife are allowed to come back and thrive, with new nature-based economies that are built based on these new wild values. This, in turn, creates incentives for local people to further support rewilding of the area. Together with our local partners, we are investing in the future natural landscapes of Europe. As of 2016, the Rewilding Europe team involved over 70 people working from 17 different European countries, including board members and ambassadors.

Rewilding Europe is focused on achieving tangible and meaningful results in the different rewilding areas where we work. Working together with like-minded local partners, our main goal is to rewild 1 million hectares of land over a 10-year period. In the eight areas that are currently operational - each of which covers at least 100,000 hectares, we have developed 10-year visions and strategic action plans that guide our work on the ground.

Rewilding Europe combines new and innovative ways of conservation, using enterprise development to build a business case for wild nature. A key factor in our success to date has been our advanced communication and marketing efforts, in which we reach out from a local level to wider European audiences and EU policy makers.

Media Partner

Salt is the network for trail seekers and happy dreamers. Since 2006, Salt celebrates the outdoor lifestyle and shares stories in every possible way. Four times a year they release an inspiring magazine, they organise meet ups where creative and curious people come together, and they partner with people, brands and organisations that share their vision and values.

The European Safari Company is partnering with Salt, and proud to work with and share in the active, adventurous and sustainable lifestyle of our readers, guests and followers.