Local Partners

We pride ourselves in finding and working with the best local partners to deliver unique, authentic experiences to you! Our business is based on relationships, filled with trust and integrity - our partners are here because they strive for the same.

Ultimately, our partners become yours, as they host you and care for you through your adventures!

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Petra Draškovič Pelc

  • Southern mountains
  • Slovenia

Petra Draškovič Pelc is an enthusiastic traveler, photographer and nature guide, lover of Northern horizons, a curious admirer of nature, author of countless articles in Slovenia and abroad, and holds a PhD in biomedical science but she found her calling in (nature) photography and guiding. Read more

Mikael Suorro

Mikael Suorra has woven together his interests and knowledge of wildlife and wilderness into products making the natural environment and the wildlife of Swedish Lapland accessible to everyone. He offers bear and eagle spotting, moose calling, ice fishing and other natural experiences. Read more

Richard Karlsson

  • Lapland
  • Sweden

Beside the mushing part of life I am also a professional chef and I've been working in some of Stockholm's most renowned restaurants, co-operated with Swedish culinary team and done some huge food events both in Sweden and abroad. Read more

Cicci Anderson

  • Lapland
  • Sweden

My “red line” through life has been local development and to get people involved and believe in their ideas.So now I´m really happy to be part of creating and building up something sustainable as Sorbyn Lodge and also cooperate with the Rewilding project which matches perfect, what we want to show the people who are coming here. Read more

Liza Löfgren

  • Central Apennines
  • Italy

It all started one day when Nick and I came across these cozy, remote log houses that were on sale in an area we had visited a few times before. After some thought and preparations, we sold everything and moved into this lodge situated on a small cape, close to Raven rapid in the Råne-river. Read more