Rural guest house bliss

Mihaela's Lake Retreat is environmentally friendly accommodation in the heart of Eastern Rhodope Mountains.

Why would you stay anywhere else?

Mihaela's Lake Retreat is environmentally friendly accommodation in the heart of Eastern Rhodope Mountains.

Well equipped and spacious accommodation in a beautiful rural setting twenty minutes from the city of Kardzhali. The quintessential nature spot, this traditional but modern cottage is perched on top of the village with magnificent views of lake Studen kladenets.

Nature routes and outdoor activities start from the door of your lake retreat. Find out more about nature and walking holidays while staying at Mihaela's Lake Retreat. A great place to start exploring is the oak forest behind the cottage or head up the hill for amazing sunset views.

We actively support green holidays by preserving nature areas, taking care of not disturbing wild animals, as well as informing local communities on the significance of biodiversity.

A green holiday at Mihaela's also means support for the local farming economy because most of the product for our organic meals come from local farms. By making the choice to visit Mihaela's Lake Retreat you can enjoy life with the knowledge of supporting sustainable region of Eastern Rhodope Mountains.

The Oak forest just behind the cottage is home to fallow deer, beech marten, Hermann’s and spur-thighed tortoises, as well as various rare birds like Sparrowhawk, Masked Shrike, Sombre Tit, Olive-tree and Sardinian warbler.

"Take experience seriously."

- Richard Karlsson

  • Magnificent views and setting
  • Secluded forests and nature
  • Amazing hospitality
  • Summer from May - October
  • Idea for couples or groups
  • Nature & birding friendly
  • Rates start from €40 a night
  • Great for nature trekking
  • Kayaking and hiking

Meet Mihaela

Mihaela has the vision to establish the brand of the Eastern Rhodope region as a tourist destination for eco-tourism with distinctive character and personality.

She emphasises the importance of working together, of forming partnerships and joining efforts with other businesses with the same motivation and purpose to achieve these ambitious objectives.

Mihaela has a bachelor in tourism management, is a digital marketing specialist and advisor for tourism entrepreneurs. With more than 20 years experience in the tourism filed, Mihaela is an inspiring example of how people can turn hobbies and passions into a successful business.

Mihaela Haty

Mihaela's Lake House