Mountain Cottage

Mons Baebius, the Latin name after the mountain range it is perched on top of, is a mountain cottage owned and run by Sandra and Radovan. From the moment you arrive you are welcomed and taken care of, with a hearty lunch and wise information about the area, its many attractions and the natural beauty of Velebit Mountain range.

An overnight to remember

The opportunities from here are endless and include beaches, the beautiful Adriatic Sea, island hoping as well as hiking and horse riding. With the spectacular location and scenery you might want to stay local for a while and explore the beauty of the Velebit National park and the Botanical Garden of Velebit

In 2008 Sandra and Radovan rebuilt and restored the old stone family house which was originally built in 1904, using complimentary authentic techniques and designs whilst adding a certain amount of luxury to the mountain cottage such as electric lighting and running water. Situated in a nature lovers dream with scenic and tranquil surroundings the location has breath taking views while only being 15 kilometres from the refreshing coastline. Close off each night sitting around the fire, revisiting the day’s adventures.

The main house has a cosy dining/living room with a heart fire place and kitchen. A bathroom with shower and toilet as well as a gallery above the main area for two people. In the second cottage, there are two bedrooms, with a double bed in one and bunk beds in the other.

With its location inside the national park, there is limited water and mains electricity and water consumption is carefully monitored and limited to about 100 litres per person per day. Electricity in the house is generated using photovoltaic panels and powers the 12 volt lighting system. The stove and fridge are gas operated. These features tie in nicely to the natural landscape and have a low impact on the surroundings and the environment. 

The terrace area outside the main house has a beautiful fire place and is the best place to spend the early evening watching the transition from sunset to night sky. 

"Going to the mountains is going home."

- John Muir