Veluwe Trails Camp
The Netherlands

A true safari feeling in the middle of the Dutch Veluwe.

Sleep in the Veluwe

Veluwe Trails Camp offers a true African safari feeling in the middle of the Dutch Veluwe. This accommodation is perfect for big groups.

A getaway from the bustling city combining nature and reconnection with people.

Enjoy delicious meals from the private chef (on demand) and watch roe deer pass before your eyes while you enjoy a glass of wine by the fire.

Safari experiences depart from Veluwe Trails Camp , located in a unique location in the middle of a closed nature reserve. The camp is luxurious back-to-the-basics with meeting and sleeping facilities. This 'wild camping' experience is unique in the Netherlands and really brings you and your team together.

Their mission is to give you the feeling of being 5000km away. Go on an adventure outside your comfort zone, without having to fly to the other side of the world. Combining adventure with culinary delights. The ultimate safari feeling in the Netherlands.

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Highlights of Veluwe Trails Camp

  • Tented safari camp with 10 tents suitable for 20 people.
  • Private chef for your group
  • Use of heated cabin as common grounds
  • Big safari tent to hold meetings or dinners
  • Wildlife watching from the very door of your tent.
  • Amazing views to the Veluwe National Park
  • Be hosted by local entrepreneurs.

Meet Jonathan

"From an early age I have traveled the world. By motorcycle through Mongolia, West Africa and Southeast Asia, and with a 4 × 4 through the rugged landscapes of Scotland or Botswana. When I returned I was always amazed at the beauty in my own country.

The Veluwe in particular appealed to my imagination with its vast forests, heaths and sand drifts. I often get the "Africa feeling" over me here. If you look out over the heathland and you see a herd of deer walking, it looks like a savanna."

"In 2016 we started with a dream: the African outback experience in Dutch nature. We wanted to show the beauty of Dutch nature by stimulating the imagination of our guests.

We wanted to do this with minimal impact on nature. Since then we have been working on transformative nature experiences in which nature conservation and luxury reinforce each other to the maximum."

Jonathan Kleppe

Owner Veluwe Trails Camp