The European Safari Company brings experience to life, encompassing so much of the areas and all they offer…wild nature, culture, cuisine and history. Each safari has uniqueness, variance in offering and attraction which could include bears in Velebit, dining under the stars in Western Iberia or searching for soaring vultures in the Rhodope Mountains. 

Some of Europe's most unique places are right on your doorstep, and some slightly harder to find.

Explore, plan, travel and growth with us!

Example trips

Take a look at the best of European Safari Company, selected for you. You can customize these examples to make it an experience that fits your holiday, just build your own or ask us for help!

Track the Bison
Bison Tracking in the Tarcu Mountains
Tracking free roaming bison might not be the first wildlife experience that comes to mind, but in the Southern Carpathians this is now possible
Visit Slovenia
Bear photography in Slovenia
Slovenia is simply heaven. Situated between the high Alpine mountains and the warm Adriatic Sea, a perfect shelter for many kinds of wildlife. A wide range of outdoor activities can be enjoyed here, such as hiking, biking, rafting and wildlife watching.
White-tailed Eagle safari
White-tailed Eagle safari by boat
During the boat trip it is possible that the white-tailed eagle will hunt fish closer than fifty meters from the boat - a great photographic opportunity!