Imagine starting the day gliding over the clear Adriatic waters in search of rare dolphins, lunching along the turquois sea and then venturing into the rugged mountains in search of brown bears at sunset...

Finish your day of adventure around the camp fire, sharing stories and enjoying local hospitality and cuisine - its all possible and its only a few hours away.

Velebit Mountains

Stretching from the edge of the Adriatic Sea to the mountain ranges highest peak at 1750 metres, the area is covered by beech and pine forests, underground canyons, caves and waterfalls and is home to some of Europe's most illusive wildlife.

Diverse and rich, the Velebit regions wildlife include Balkan chamois, red deer, brown bear, wolf and the rare lynx. Over 100 bird species will keep most enthusiasts happy and during the many different ways to explore this region golden eagles, peregrine falcon, capercaillie and white-backed woodpecker are just a few key species to see.

Nature lovers, active adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts alike will be at home and captured by the area, with mountain biking and hiking paths, dolphin watching on the coast and specialized wildlife watching hides being just a few special ways to experience Velebit!

Velebit is a paradise for all those looking for adventures in the wild, those who want to explore the beauties this dramatic area, for people who love nature, great hospitality and daily outdoor adventure. Tourism infrastructure is well developed along the turquoise waters of the Adriatic coastline, but real adventurers will head for the stunning hiking trails, remote mountain accommodations ranging from overnight safari camps to quaint mountain cottages. 

Combined your time exploring the vast landscapes by boat or kayak on the Adriatic, horse riding through the forest landscapes, mountain biking and 4x4 adventures. New wildlife watching hides offer travelers the chance to see some of the remote mountain animals like bear, wolf, deer or wild boar in their natural environment. Discover some of the most beautiful, undiscovered and fascinating parts of the Velebit region with natural attractions being amongst the best that Croatia has to offer. 

Velebit is a paradise with developing tourism and just a few hours from more known hot spots such as the Plitvice Lakes National Park...get off the beaten track and explore somewhere new!

"Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience."

- Francis Bacon

ESC Experiences

From EURO 1.450
A deep natural experience in the Velebit mountains
Days out exploring the area on horse back, enjoying local cuisine and hospitality while discovering the areas natural beauty and wildlife. Comfortable accommodations, delicious organic and local foods in a holistic ranch style setting.
From EURO 575,
Three days hiking & glamping in Velebit
Guided through hidden hiking trails, trailing wildlife and breathing fresh mountain air. Overnight ion crobbits, mountain hunts and even visit a bear hide for the chance of a life time.

Meet Nino

Local Croatian wildlife photographer and guide Nino Salkic recently commented “…being in the hides waiting for wildlife is like meditating, its a patience game and I always feel energized regardless of what we see.” 

As a third generation photographer, Salkic’s love for nature was quickly matched with his growing interest in photography, and as he was born and raised in Velebit, the mountains are where he feels most at home. 

Over the past years, Nino has been involved in all aspects of the wildlife hide development and with the assistance of research cameras is keeping up to date information on the wildlife movements in the area.

Adventurer, mountaineer and photographer aren't enough, Nino is studying Nature Conservation in his spare time...and documenting the storms that grace the Adriatic and coastal mountain regions.

Through all of this, his focus is on the promotion of natural beauty, wildlife and culture of Croatia.

Inspired Quote:

"When there is already a mountain it should be climbed, patiently and all the way to the top. When there is already a mountain it needs to be met, with heart and ear like a mother's word. When there is already a mountain it should be conquered, slowly and wisely as the only love." Ljerka Car-Matutinovic

Nino is equally comfortable and confident behind the camera lens, a mountain top or ranging against the local storms along the Adriatic coast.

Nino Salkic
Wildlife Guide And Photographer, Velebit Mountains