Central Apennines

-Bears, wolves and beautiful landscapes in Italy's wild heart-


Boasting several world class national parks, the Central Apennines are a nature lover's playground. A complex system of mountain ridges and vast tablelands, this great topographic knot is the final refuge of many animals and plants that were once widespread across all of Italy's mountainous areas. 

Discover Italy's wild heart

Less than two hours’ drive from the cafes and colonnades of Rome is a land that is both wild and wondrous. With craggy peaks topping out at nearly 3000 meters, ancient beach forests inhabited by bears, wolves and wild boar, and skies patrolled by golden eagles and griffon vultures, the Central Apennines truly are Italy’s “wild heart”.

Boasting several world class national parks, the Central Apennines are a nature lover’s playground. A complex system of mountain ridges and vast tablelands, this great topographic knot is the final refuge of many animals and plants. These include the endemic Apennine Chamois and the iconic Marsican brown bear.

Dotted with picturesque medieval towns and villages, the Central Apennine region is also home to a captivating local culture. With a heavy reliance on local nature, many residents practice “transhumance” sheep farming, beekeeping and fruit or nut farming.

It is this unique combination of nature and culture that makes the Central Apennines a thrilling destination ripe for exploration.

Experiences offered by the European Safari Company focus not only on wildlife and nature, but also on local people who still live and work amongst bears and wolves.

Rewilding efforts

In the Central Apennines rewilding area Rewilding Europe is working with local partners to develop large “coexistence corridors” by connecting the local economy with wilder nature in five corridors collectively covering more than 100,000 hectares.  

By reducing the damage caused by such wildlife, and by allowing communities to benefit from it, people living here will become ambassadors for the area’s wild nature.  

Rewilding Europe is working with local partners to reduce bear mortality and conflict by installing traffic accident prevention measures, removing old fencing, restoring and improving signage, and distributing new mobile electric fences. 

By working to establish a vibrant nature-based economy in the Central Apennines rewilding area, Rewilding Europe is providing local communities with an economic incentive to protect such wildlife.  

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