Oder Delta

-Journey through the Amazon of the North-

The Oder Delta is a region where the return of nature creates new sources of income and pride. Located on the Baltic coast of Poland and Germany, the exciting Oder Delta is a unique and wild region boasting a rich mosaic of terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems. Like the Rhodope Mountains, it is strategically located at one of Europe's great ecological crossroads.

Rewilding Efforts in the Oder Delta

The Oder Delta is becoming increasingly well-known as a rewilding area and prominent nature tourism destination. Rewilding Europe is developing a network of local wilderness guides, wildlife watching tours and hides, lodging and other nature-based enterprises that are creating jobs and burgeoning support for rewilding. 

Funded by the Krombacher Brewery Species Conservation Project, the Oder Delta team is working with partners to boost biodiversity in the delta by improving habitats. In Germany the eagle is one of the rarest breeding bird species, with only about 100 breeding pairs left in the northeastern part of the country, most of them in the Oder Delta rewilding area and its surroundings. Nest protection shields were also installed to protect eagle nests against predation in order to boost breeding success.

The Rewilding Oder Delta team is now working to restore fish populations and fish migration in the Stettin Lagoon and associated rivers, in collaboration with local communities and the State Office for Agriculture and the Environment in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Activities, which focus on rivers in the Vorpommern-Greifswald district, include the rewilding of river banks, the restoration of natural hydrodynamics, the removal of obstacles to support fish migration, and the re-wetting of areas adjacent to waterways.

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