The Oder Delta is a unique region rich with a large mosaic of land, marine and freshwater ecosystems which spreads across the border between Poland and Germany. 

Located on the edge of the Baltic Sea this ecological crossroad in Europe is one of the most exciting wild areas in north-central Europe.

Natural areas have been restored by nature and are beginning to thrive, and with the cities of Berlin and Szczecin are only a few hours away! Its an ideal area for a weekend discovery or a long holiday exploration.

Oder Delta

The Oder Delta is one of the top places in Europe for watching white tailed eagles, spend an afternoon in search of herds of wild European bison or go on a guided safaris in search of the illusive beaver. The area is wild with species like wolf and Elk moving bwteen the heathlands and riparian forests. Key Red List species live in this pristine and largely undiscovered natural world including lesser spotted eagles, ospreys, aquatic warbler, whiskered terns, black storks, kingfishers and cranes.

Explore the area on guided walking tours, by solar powered boats or canoes and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of this area including visits to old formal settlements of Vikings, gothic churhces and hanseatic towns.Local hospitality and food are plentiful and abundant. 

The regions quality management system ensures the protection of the unique landscapes, and this offers you a chance to experience first hand conservation in practice, the benefit of which are the pristine natural landscapes supported by active recreations and some time for relaxing!

Spending the early mornings exploring the near by meadows and fields waiting for red deer to come out of the forests using newly designed wildlife watching hides, spotting scopes and binoculars. From diverse wildlife attractions to culture, the area is waiting to be discovered. 

Old sail boats and solar cruisers, this landscape has so many means of exploration - all backed by natures vast recovering beauty.

Berlin is a few hours drive away, and there are also extensive train networks and connections making this a great weekend adventure...or an annual enthusiasts travel!

"Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience."

- Francis Bacon