-From the Black Sea to the Tarcu Mountains-

Along the southern end of Romania's arcing Carpathian Mountains, some of the continent's largest wilderness landscapes are the perfect setting for a true European safari, boasting diverse wildlife, memorable experiences and the chance to connect with nature. Rugged mountain chains, mixed forest and beautiful rivers provide a magnificent playground for intrepid travellers.

A little further a field, and of complete contrast the Danube Delta is Europe's vast wetland oasis. Home to flocks of dalmatian pelicans, hidden water ways and ancient forests, the area is a birding paradise. Explore by floating hotel, local guest house or even with a horse and cart.

Rewilding efforts

Southern Carpathians

Bringing bison back: Since 2013, Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania have been working together in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area to reintroduce this iconic species

Growing community-based enterprises: The economic focus of rewilding efforts in the Tarçu Mountains involves supporting local enterprises and the development of a nature-based economy, with jobs and revenue connected to wild nature.

Supporting future nature entrepreneurs: In and around the Southern Carpathians rewilding area the ongoing bison reintroduction is already having a significant economic and social impact. 

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Danube Delta

Working with partners, the rewilding team is working to significantly improve the ecological integrity and natural functioning of 40,000 hectares of wetland and terrestrial delta habitat. 

The Danube Delta rewilding area is part of the Tauros breeding programme. The aim of the programme is to bring back a functional, wild version of the auroch – called the Tauros –. 

Rewilding Europe is working to create new opportunities for delta communities by supporting the development of nature-based business. In collaboration with partners, we are also working to construct nature tourism infrastructure.

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