Southern Carpathians

Along the southern end of Romania’s arcing Carpathian Mountains, the continent’s largest wilderness landscapes is being created, a place to experience a true European safari with diverse wildlife, experiences and the chance to connect with nature.

Rugged mountain chains, mixed forest and beautiful rivers scatter the landscape and provide a magnificent playground for adventurous travelers.

Southern Carpathians

Brown bears, wolf, chamois, wild cat and lynx are on the come back, and with growing numbers and research, this area's wildlife is a fantastic reason to plan a trip here.

In partnership with conservation initiatives Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania a bold plan to bring the almost extinct European bison began in 2014. Over time a viable free roaming population of bison will roam the landscapes and help regenerate open grasslands in the area.

Tracking and viewing these amazing beasts is another very exciting reason to venture into this unknown landscape. Lead by professionally trained guides, hopefully you will catch a glimpse of these roaming animals.

Select tourism development is being nurtured in the region, and plays a vital role in the success of the area. Through travels, the increasing benefit and engagement with nature allows the protected areas to grow over time and create a unique wilderness destination. Through our local partners, an authentic experience encompassing culture, nature, local hospitality and the dramatic landscapes is waiting to be explored.

Explore the area on foot while tracking bison, hike the extensive trails in the mountains or brave a radical mountain biking path. Spend a night in a small remote tented camp far from the throws of modern day civilization or enjoy the warm family hospitality in a nearby village.

With so much exploring to do, this area deserves a long weekend break or week long exploration to do justice to the variety and opportunity it has waiting for you.

The nearest airport is at Timisoara (180 km – 2 h driving) and Sibiu (210 km - 2.5 h driving) offering good connections form Germany and Austria. 

"Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience."

- Francis Bacon

Meet Georg

A qualified Wilderness Trails Guide with extensive guiding experience in Southern Africa and Romania, Georg brings an international flare and passion to the guiding word in Europe.

Spending the last few years guiding and training in the Tarcu Mountains, he has been instrumental in developing nature based experience in the Bison Hillock region.

Originally Georg grew up in Germany and went back after school to become a Safari Guide. 

With a love for wilderness turning into a passion for the conservation work around it he has dedicated his time and energy to contributing his share to what he believes to be a global responsibility.

With a special interest in tracking, birding, environmental familiarity and wilderness ecology, the guiding experience is diverse and forward thinking.

"Guiding in the Bison Hillock is a very rewarding task. Not just to be able to show interested people a hint of what a European wilderness may have looked like,

but also knowing that every guest is directly benefiting the project and the community. It is especially fascinating to see how the impact of the bison is already sending ripples through the complex web of this wilder ecosystem!"

Georg loves sharing his knowledge, guiding skills and experiences with like-minded people in the wild.

Georg Messerer
Wildlife Guide, Southern Carpathians