Swedish Lapland

Ringed by the Arctic Circle and bordered by Norway, Finland and the Baltic Sea, Swedish Lapland extends across the top quarter of Sweden. Frequently referred to as "Europe's Alaska", the region is home to the Sami - the European Union's only indigenous people - who call Lapland Sápmi.

Sami communities have been living here for millennia, navigating the pristine landscapes with their migrating reindeer herds. Ever hospitable, today they offer visitors a warm welcome and an opportunity to learn about a very different way of life.

Adventure beyond the Arctic Circle

Fascinating indigenous culture. World class river fishing. Close-up encounters with brown bear, moose and wolverine. Nights out under the Northern Lights. Log cabins, saunas and warming shots of aquavit. If this sounds like the holiday of a lifetime, you might want to consider the north of Sweden for your next vacation.

For lovers of the great outdoors, it's hard to think of a more enticing European destination than Swedish Lapland. One of the continent's last true wildernesses, this unique region is characterized by great swathes of pine, spruce and fir, berry-carpeted tundra, whitewater rivers teeming with salmon, and rustic lakeside villages. In the winter months the entire frozen landscape is washed by the ethereal light of the aurora borealis.

Swedish Lapland is a paradise for those who really want to get back to nature. Renowned for their fantastic sport fishing, the area's three main rivers - the Kalix, Råne and Pite - are well-stocked with species such as Arctic char, grayling, Atlantic salmon and trout.

Defined by its diverse ecology and colourful culture, both animal and human life here is strictly governed by climate. During the short summers, when the midnight sun barely dips below the horizon, the mountain slopes are a riot of colour, as species such as Alpine gentian, Lapland rosebay and purple mountain saxifrage take advantage of the long daylight hours to carpet the land. In addition to bear, wolverine and moose, other iconic species such as the Arctic fox, European beaver, Eurasian otter and golden eagle also take the opportunity to raise young.

Swedish Lapland is a captivating destination regardless of the season. Here on the edge of northern Europe, going wild is always an unforgettable experience.     

"Be yourself. The world worships the original."

- Ingrid Bergman

Meet Cicci

Cicci grew up on a small farm in Niemisel, in the Rane River Valley – where a very natural approach to wildlife and nature was common practice.

Being aware of nature and all it has to offer was part of her childhood and although she moved from the village at a young age, she returned almost 30 years later; back to her roots and back to nature.

Focusing on community development from within, Cicci is the face of Sorbyn Lodge and is well respected in the area.

My “red line” through life has been local development and to get people involved and believe in their ideas.

So now I´m really happy to be part of creating and building up something sustainable as Sorbyn Lodge and also cooperate with the Rewilding initiative which matches perfectly, a unique experience to show the people who visit the area. 

"That Nature is perfect - it provides relaxation, peace of mind and opens the contact with the wise part in every human being.”

Cicci Andersson

Sorbyn Lodge

Accommodation & Experience

Swedish Lapland has a uniqueness about it, with an array of unique and different accommodations to explore. From wild camping to luxury guest houses, cabins, eco lodges and many more.  The area is filled with diversity, cuisine and rich culture; come and discover Swedish Lapland.

Visit the Arctic Retreat
Arctic Retreat
Sheltered by large trees in winter, this small lodge sleeps six to eight guests in wooden cabins. The magical winter season brings cozy evenings around the fire after a day exploring to the forefront...relax, enjoy and unwind.
Visit the Northern Lights
Sorbyn Lodge - winter wonderland
Sörbyn lodge offers activities in an almost unlimited area, stretching from the coast up to the Dundret mountains 200 km up the river. An area surrounded by free waters, endless forests, vast wetlands and treeless mountains.
Glide over the winter landscape
Husky Sledding
The close bond with the dogs make the experience very special to say the least. Forget everything you think you know or have heard - Isdimma its something else. Exploring the vast gardens of the Råneå River Valley.