Exploring the Delta

Recognised by many as Europe's largest wetland lanscape, the Danube Delta is a bidring paradise. Teamed with small navigable channels, divrse birdlife and a variety of avenues for discovering - a whole new world awaits.

Explore the Danube

The Danube Delta has become one of the wildest, most protected and famous wildlife areas of the whole continent. The area provides new sources of income and pride for the people who live here and in the surrounding Romanian and Ukrainian regions.

The Danube Delta inspires people in other natural areas to approach their challenges and opportunities using rewilding as a tool to engage wildife toruism as an economical support mechanism for communities and nature. Crossing over from singular fishing related incomes to now offering boat tours, bird watching and even sunset cruises on the Black sea coast.

The area has gone under some large scale restoration, from reflooding/ wetting polder areas to toruism related training and development. Local community members now enage in a variety of activities including sustainable fishing and wildlfie watching to support their familes and continue to protect this wild area.

Hugging the Black sea coast the area has a ric diverse natural offering; from pelican to wild boar and now rewilded water buffalo. Visiting the area is really only possible by boat, making the adventure even greater and the variety of channels and islands waiting for exploration are abundant. 

From unique house boats to kayaking and island explorations by horse drawn cart - its like nothing else you done before.

"To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world."

- Freya Stark

ESC Experiences

A water wonderland filled with a vast aray of birdlife, unique experiences and local culture. Explore and discover the area by house boat, small motor boat or even a kayak under the guidance of people from the local communities.

Custom programs on request
Floating through the Delta
With such a specialised destination and offering we only provide fully tailored experiences to meet your needs. Contact us for more detailed information!
Custom experiences on request
A birding paradise
With such specialised and unique experiences, we tailor these to each guests needs and desires. Please contact us for further details and ideas!