The Netherlands

Undiscovered beauty beyond the canals

The Netherlands is no stranger to tourism with its typical architecture and well-known canals. But just a step away from crowded cities there are natural wonders waiting to be discovered. 


Discover Dutch Nature

From green pastures and meandering rivers in the south to lively colored forests in the east and muddy walks to access islands full of sand dunes in the north. The Netherlands is an underestimated nature and biodiversity haven full of different landscapes that tell stories about human and natural coexistence. 

Wildlife in this area is surprising and varied. In the south, you can spot beavers, galloway cattle, and Konik horses. The Veluwe area is home to roe and red deer, wild boar, fox and the newly returned wolf. The Wadden Islands are a birdlife haven where you can spot gulls, terns, heron, spoonbills amongst others. They are also home to grey and harbors seals. 

Landscapes like the sand drifts, heath, and woodland in the Veluwe have been recognized as a National Park, and the landscapes, wildlife, and ecosystems of the Wadden have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage for their importance in the breeding and migrating processes of birds. 

Spend a weekend discovering the Dutch nature on foot. Sleep under the stars in the Veluwe National Park or walk from the mainland to an island through a low tide sea of mud. These unique experiences, guided by nature professionals will take you on a discovery trip to the hidden beauty of The Netherlands.