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5 Media: Holidays that heal nature

12 March 2021 5 Media is an impact foundation connecting thinkers and doers to co-create a more sustainable future. They have written a fantastic series of articles about rewilding holidays that heal nature. Check their articles here about travelling with European Safari Company and discovering amazing rewilded areas in Europe together with expert guides. ... … Read more

5 Media: Discovering Europe’s wildest corners

12 March 2021 The wild may not be as far away as you think it is. Safaris in Europe offer the chance to meet nature close up, and support projects that make the continent wilder. ... Read more

ABC: On safari through wild Europe

23 February 2021 The European Safari Company presents a tourism model that contributes to rewilding and local employment. Although the word safari has become synonymous with Africa, in Europe you can enjoy equally wild adventures with European Safari Company. ... Read more

Columbus Magazine: The wild East

16 February 2021 For the most beautiful wilderness in Europe, you must go to the Wild East: Eastern European areas that are overflowing with wildlife and are still allowed to be wild. Rewilding Europe, a pan-European organization dedicated to rewilding of the continent, shows you the way. ... Read more

Rewilding Europe: Walking on the Wild Side: an interview with Petra Draškovič Pelc

1 February 2021 For Slovenian nature guide Petra Draškovič Pelc, sharing her longstanding passion for the wild with clients is the ultimate job satisfaction. ... Read more

The Guardian: New rewilding project teaches tour guides to offer fresh look at travel

21 January 2021 The environment and tourism can benefit from a programme teaching tour guides about returning nature to a wilder state. Tour guides across the world are being taught about rewilding as part of a new training programme that aims to create economic opportunities within wilder landscapes. ... Read more

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