Holidays that heal nature

Photos: Rewilding Europe

Words: Robert Langkjær-Bain


5 Media is an impact foundation connecting thinkers and doers to co-create a more sustainable future. They have written a fantastic series of articles about rewilding holidays that heal nature. Check their articles here about travelling with European Safari Companyand discovering amazing rewilded areas in Europe together with expert guides. 

Discovering Europe’s wildest corners

The wild may not be as far away as you think. Safaris in Europe offer the chance to meet nature close up, and support projects that make the continent wilder.

In his article 5 media speaks with travelers who have experienced this themselves, expert guides who run safaris in rewilded areas and with the European Safari Company team.

Read it to find out how it is to be a traveler visiting our Rewilding areas and why are we different from any travel organizer.

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Why this place is special: The mountains of Italy

The European Safari Company organises tours of the amazing landscapes and wildlife of Italy’s rewilded Central Apennines. Valeria Roselli grew up here, and now guides tours. She told 5 Media what the place means to her.

"Our aim is to educate people on contact with nature and leave them with suggestions to help re-establish their connection with nature.

One of the animals people hope to see here is the Marsican brown bear. When people see the bear they understand how special that encounter is, because wildlife is so unpredictable. It can be considered a gift that nature gives to you."

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Why this place is special: Swedish Lapland

Fredrik Broman runs Aurora Safari Camp in Swedish Lapland, where a rewilding project is letting nature restore itself. Broman works to give visitors a taste of the unique nature and lifestyle of the far north. He told 5 Media why this place means so much to him.

"To see these huge forests, some of them untouched or rewilded, it’s really something. For Swedish people, the forest land in Northern Sweden has low status – or it used to. It was all about the mountains. That has changed completely. There’s curiosity now."

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Why this place is special: Mount Velebit, Croatia

Head a short way inland from Croatia’s crowded beaches and hotels, and you’re in the mountains where bears, lynx and wolves roam. Nino Salkic, who guides safaris on Mount Velebit, tells 5 Media what makes this place special.

"The rewilding project is really changing nature. We released red deer and then the wolves returned, the bear returned, then the whole ecosystem started again. Mostly tourism in Croatia is related to the sea. But rewilding is helping nature-based tourism to increase."

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Why this place is special: Faia Brava, Portugal

Faia Brava reserve in northern Portugal is being rewilded. It’s a haven for rare wildlife and an increasingly popular destination for birdwatchers and holidaymakers. Local guide Fernando Romão of Wildlife Portugal tells 5 Media what the place means to him.

"When I drive people though the reserve, besides showing the birds or the plants, I talk about how the project started, how it was before, and how things evolved until we reached this point. The region where Faia Brava is located is not particularly touristic. Now people come from all over. ATNatureza’s work with Rewilding Portugal has brought life back to the local villages."

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These articles were featured in 5 Media. March and April 2021.