on safari through wild Europe

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The European Safari Company presents a tourism model that contributes to rewilding and local employment.

Although the word safari has become synonymous with Africa, in Europe you can enjoy equally wild adventures with European Safari Company. From the north of the Arctic to the vast eastern forests and rugged Mediterranean coast, they offer unique experiences that directly support wildlife return in some of Europe's most special places. Many of them often suffer rural depopulation, land abandonment and economic recession, and rewilding is giving new life and prosperity to these landscapes.

Travelers with European Safari Company help rebuild and support local communities. A percentage of each booking is destined to support rewilding initiatives, while local nature-based enterprises benefit from revenue. Each trip has a direct impact on the area, supports the conservation and lifelihood of many of the people that travelers will come into contact during each experience.

There are options for everyone and you can choose between standard and tailor made safaris in Italy, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Germany and Scotland. All of them provide sustainable accommodation that ranges from tents, mountain shelters to rural hotels. Trips can be enjoyed on foot, on horseback, by husky sleigh, in 4x4, by canoe...

Here we point out a few of them:

Experience in a bear hide.

Due to the huge growth of coastal tourism in Croatia over the past 10 to 15 years, many locals have moved from the Velebit area to the coast. As a result, many areas of this beautiful region are now characterized by land abandonment, rural exodus and decaying cultural tradition.

Rewilding Europe is working with local partners to transform these challenges into opportunities such as these bear-watching hides with display windows, special places to place cameras and comfortable beds for the night.

Kayaking and hiking in Rhodope Mountains.

These Bulgarian mountains have become one of the key points for bird watching in Europe. But they are also home to wolves and bears. A natural hotspot where you can go hiking, cycling, and kayaking and enjoy the connection with nature.

Luxury safari in Lapland.

Enjoy the world's first "glamping site" created for the conditions of the Arctic winter, located by a lake on the River Rane in northern Sweden. Due to the low light pollution, there is a good chance to enjoy the magnificent spectacle of the Northern Lights. An adventure that supports guided migration of reindeer and Sami communities in their fight for traditional grazing rights.

Tracking bison in the Tarcu Mountains.

In Romania, in the beautiful and unknown Tarcu mountains, the traveler will be able to understand the behaviour and ecological importance of the bison. Identifying tracks, such as following footprints, can lead you to glimpse these amazing creatures.

Keeping your eyes open to detect clues and signals is critical to success. In wooded areas, tracking is always well coordinated and carried out with great sensitivity so as not to affect the natural behavior of animals. At the end of each experience, nothing like commenting on the day next to a cozy fire and enjoying the home-cooked food in the local guesthouse.

This article was featured in ABC Natural. January 2021.

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