Safari in Europe: adventure travel in the wilderness.

By Francesca Masotti


A tour of parks, areas and natural reserves where magnificent animals live freely in their natural habitat. Here's how to take part in an adventure full of emotions and surprises (without changing continent)

Anyone who thinks that safaris can only be done in Africa are wrong. Europe, although it is best known for the art cities, museums, modern architecture and precious medieval villages, is actually rich in areas and natural parks where you can see wild animals living in the wild and live adventures in nature.

Of course, there are no sightings of lions, giraffes, rhinos or elephants here, but many animals live freely within the boundaries of European nature reserves.

Some are endangered, such as bears, lynxes, wolves and bison which, with a little luck can be admired in their natural habitats.

Since 2017, the European Safari Company , a company based in the Netherlands specializing in nature travel in Europe, born from Rewilding Europe (an NGO created in 2011 to protect European wilderness and support local economies) has been organizing exciting expeditions to discover the wildest areas of the old continent, from the Arctic to the coasts of the Mediterranean.

The trips are set safaris or tailor-made according to the explorers' preferences - and for small groups, maximum 8 people - and offer travelers the opportunity to participate in adventurous safaris, nature excursions, get closer to local cultures and also discover the local gastronomy.
Today they are feasible in nine countries, two more areas (Danube Delta and the Netherlands) are under construction and will be added to the list in the coming months.

From Italy to Romania, passing through Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Scotland, Sloveniabrowse the gallery to discover the best places to go on safaris in Europe.
If you are an adventurous traveler, alone or with your family, love wild nature and want to support local communities, make a note of these destinations in your diary for your next trip.

This article was featured in Dove Viaggi. December 2020. By Francesca Masotti

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