As seen in Inews. By Aofe O'Riordain.

15 best regeneration holidays

Sustainability is an increasingly common value in tourism, but many operators are now looking at regeneration as a post-pandemic model, with experiences that help restore their location.

Rewilding, Portugal

Rewilding Europe ( is a large-scale project to restore habitats and support wildlife comeback in regions including the Velebit mountains in Croatia, the Danube Delta and a swathe of Swedish Lapland.

Another area undergoing transformation is the Greater Côa Valley in north-eastern Portugal, with its ancient “dehesa” supporting increasingly diverse flora and fauna including Iberian wolf, Iberian Ibex, red and roe deer, blue vultures and eagles.

The European Safari Company, which donates a proportion of its income to Rewilding Europe, has a tour in the privately owned Faia Brava reserve.

Two nights from €510pp,

Extract from Inews. By Aoife O'Riordain 24 Septemeber 2020

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