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The Guardian: New rewilding project teaches tour guides to offer fresh look at travel

21 January 2021 The environment and tourism can benefit from a programme teaching tour guides about returning nature to a wilder state. Tour guides across the world are being taught about rewilding as part of a new training programme that aims to create economic opportunities within wilder landscapes. ... Read more

The Guardian: 11 environment-friendly holidays for 2021

3 January 2021 From rewilding to marine conservation, these breaks for later in the year have a restorative effect on nature – and holidaymakers, too ... Read more

Rewilding Europe: Eager participants prepare for next stage of the Rewilding Training Tourism programme

8 January 2021 Rewilding Europe’s Rewilding Training Tourism programme is working to professionalise and scale up nature-based tourism across Europe. Having completed stage one, the programme’s first participants are now looking forward to field training in the Central Apennines of Italy. ... Read more

The New York Times: The Newest Challenge for Europe’s Parks

6 January 2021 Lockdown-weary Europeans have sought out nature in record-breaking numbers this year, putting sudden and substantial pressure on national parks and other natural areas across the continent.... Read more

Dove Viaggi: Safari in Europe: adventure travel in the wilderness to watch wolves, moose, bears and bison

3 January 2021 A tour of parks, areas and natural reserves where magnificent animals live freely in their natural habitat. Here's how to take part in an adventure full of emotions and surprises (without changing continent) ... Read more

Rewilding Europe: First ever Rewilding Training Tourism programme kicks off

5 November 2020 Designed for entrepreneurs involved in guiding, hospitality and tourism, Rewilding Europe’s pioneering, three-stage Rewilding Training Tourism programme aims to professionalise and scale up nature-based tourism across Europe.... Read more

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