Active Adventures

Travel isn't only about getting from one place to the next, but rather about what you see and do along the way. More so now about how to get to see and experience places...get out the car and onto the beaten track and explore more remote parts of Europe's nature.

Mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoe tracking...just a few of the great ACTIVE ways to experience nature.Take a look at our example trips

Walking safari in the Tarcu Mountains

  • Southern Carpathians
  • Romania

On this 5 day trip, one such area in Romania’s Southern Carpathian’s presents the perfect setting for walking safari guide Kristian de la Riva to take you on a journey to discover some of Europes wildlife treasures Read more

Canoeing the Peene River

  • Oder Delta
  • Germany

This 5 night experience starts with a four day paddle tour which will take you in separate paddle stages through the fascinating Peene valley. Read more

Great emotions on two wheels

  • Central Apennines
  • Italy

Come to discover the Abruzzo that you don’t expect! Discover challenging and relaxing cycling tours around the valley, enjoy breathtaking views as well as hair raising descents. Read more

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