A wild week exploring by bike

  • Mountain biking through wild nature
  • Bear watching included
  • Coast to Mountains
  • Small groups
  • 7 days guided or self guided
  • Medium - high level fitness
  • 390 Km / 8090m elevation gain
  • 7 days accommodation included
  • starting form EUR 2750. pp

Experience Overview

The program is intended for all enthusiastic wildlife observers, photographers and bikers who would like to experience the magic of nature and the appeal of the forests and their inhabitants first hand, by biking in nature.

Although the program is more than just about observing animals, since it requires the participants to cycle almost 400 km in total, it allows enough time for activities where one can learn many interesting facts that will place the beasts and other wildlife in a wider context, all with the help of experienced guides and hunters, and by watching bears from a hunting observatory adapted for photo observation. Late spring, early summer and early autumn are the perfect time to visit with their pleasant temperatures, soft breeze and beautiful vistas.

A unique selection of routes combining the continental part of the Notranjska region in Slovenia and Kvarner region, the Gorski Kotar plateau, and Velebit Mountain Range in Croatia  of Croatia will give you some exquisite culinary, cycling, wildlife watching experience.

A sustainable approach, even in tourism development, has minimal impact on the environment, especially on the wilderness. Too much human contact with wild animals can cause many adverse consequences for wildlife, which is why it is even more important to provide controlled and properly guided experiences of these animals.


With the help of experienced guides, your animal watching will be friendly to nature and its inhabitants, while at the same time you will learn many interesting facts and gain information that will place beasts and other wildlife in a wider context.

This is a magical way to experience and travel through this widely unexplored region, stopping briefly along the popular coastal region to fill your lungs with fresh Adriatic sea air.

Local hospitality, charm, food and accommodation along the way build on what is an epic 7 day mountain biking journey across Slovenia and Croatia.

"...an ideal place for adventurous travellers looking for something completely different— with an authentic intimate ambiance you feel right at home."

- Dr. Bruce Yerkovich

Meet Matic

Being a geodesist by profession, Matic had been active in the field of cartography and marine hydrography for a long time, he made a decision to start his own business (and later on to join the GoodPlace team).

Partly connected with primary expertise of spatial informatics and gradually more and more with mountain bike guiding and the growth of tourism products related to it.

During his youth he was active in sports, particularly in athletics at the beginning, but later on he was more devoted to mountaineering challenges. As climbing and expeditions took a lot of time, the passion for alpinism was progressively replaced by cycling. In recent years, mountain biking connected with guiding, which represents the basic form of spending free time, and gradually also working time actively, has stood out.

Matija Klanjšček

Mountain bike guide - Slovenia