2020 Ultimate Cowboy Adventure

Amidst the foothills of the Velebit Mountain lies a hidden valley full of natural beauty, horses, culture and endless adventures, home to a private and unique guest ranch: Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch, Croatia’s premier horse and riding destination. “Ultimate Cowboy Adventure” is carefully tailored 7-day program to liven your spirit and engage your body. Come and ride in pristine nature, cross the mountain on a horseback and indulge in a tasty cuisine featured in a Michelin guide. Experience fron- tier life in this heart-changing adventure. You will come as a city-slicker and leave as true and tried cowboy and cowgirl.


Day 1 - Arrival in the afternoon. Explore the Ranch and meet the horses.

Day 2 - After breakfast, you will participate in a natural horsemanship ses- sion led by Linden Tree founder Bruce Yerkovich. His signature style of horsemanship is based on what he calls “natural human” and genetic memory. By allowing yourself to be authentic, you will experience fellow- ship with a horse unlike ever before. After lunch, we tack the horses and go on a trail ride for a couple of hours to put into practice what you learned in the morning and to make sure we are ready for the adventure.

Day 3 - After breakfast we set out for our first day-ride. Our goal for this day is to reach a high mountain plateau, where Linden crew has set up our base camp. On the way we will cross hidden springs and watercourses. This is an intensive ride, covering some rough terrain, often going through unmarked territory. A real adventure for real cowboys and cowgirls! Accommodation will be in our safari-style tents on comfy beds and proper matrasses and duvets. No roughing it here! And hot showers inside Indian tipi are all the rave with our guests.

Day 4 - Good cowboy breakfast will be served in the morning. On this day we will transverse an old Roman road that leads to the seaside of the moun- tain. We will stop for the rest and lunch break at the Ranger’s station, be- fore heading back to the base camp.

Day 5 - Ride on this day takes us over the Mountain to a valley where sever- al movies were made and which is a popular brown bear habitat, so there is a high probability of spotting these majestic animals on this day. We will eat our lunch out of the saddlebags. In the afternoon we will circle back to the base camp riding on a dirt road. Favorite place to try some galloping.

Day 6 - Day of return to the Ranch using high altitude switchbacks, popular during middle-ages with outlaws and renegades. Lunch out of the saddle- bags near the animal watering hole, so very likely we will run into forest critters there. In the evening, a feast will await us at the Ranch, after which a soak in a hot tub will feel like million dollars!

Day 7 - Departure after breakfast or extend your stay for more relaxation, rejuvenation or other activities that Ranch has to offer.


  • 23-29 May 2020
  • 17-23 June 2020
  • 5-11 September 2020


1790 EUR per person.


Activities as outlined in the trip itinerary, 3 meals daily from din- ner on the first day until breakfast on the last day, horse and gear, use of all facilities, na- ture park riding permit, national park entrance fees, bar drinks while on the trail, VAT.


Bar drinks at the Ranch, environmental fee (5%) and occu- pancy tax (€5).

A  travel experience offered by Linden Tree



"...an ideal place for adventurous travellers looking for something completely different— with an authentic intimate ambiance you feel right at home."

- Dr. Bruce Yerkovich

Meet Bruce

Bruce worked both in the corporate and academic environment until 2008, when he founded Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch, a guest ranch on the slopes of Velebit Mountain in Croatia.

Dr. Bruce Yerkovich, American-Croatian entrepreneur and scientist received his doctorate in the United States in the field of Quantum Biophysics. Subsequently, he specialized in bioinformatics and human genomics. 

As a part of his research efforts, Dr. Yerkovich pioneered CIDER

(Community, Integrity, Development, Evolution and Responsibility), a multidimensional tool to serve as a guide in developing sustainable and ethical business practices. 

In 2016 the Ranch was listed as one of The Top 10 Luxury Camps in Europe by DK Eyewitness Travel Magazine. 

Bruce lives at the Ranch with his wife Megi, where he trains horses and takes guests on horseback expeditions.

Dr.Yerkovich is an author and serves as a guest speaker and lecturer in the field of sustainable development and his services are sought after both by private and government sector.

Dr. Bruce Yerkovich<br />Owner and cowboy, Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch