Snow bikes in Abruzzo

Among the major peaks of the Apennines and the waters of the Adriatic lies a land rich in attractions. 

Unique biking experiences

Among the major peaks of the Apennines and the waters of the Adriatic lies a land rich in attractions.

Unspoiled nature, itineraries and excursions, food and wine excellences, villages, sea, spirituality and culture, a thousand activities to fully experience this region.

Come to discover the Abruzzo that you don’t expect! Discover challenging and relaxing cycling tours around the valley, enjoy breathtaking views as well as hair raising descents.


Offering half day e-mtb guided tours for small exclusive groups of 1 or 2 people including gear;  e-mtb, helmet and backpacks. Its a great way to get around, and can be included into day tours, wolf tracking experiences and multiway hiking through this immense mountainous region.

Include a few nights accommodation in the mountain huts to really get active and back to nature - its a must for all nature and biking enthusiasts. 

"Fresh mountain air will change your perspective on life."

- Valeria



  • Active adventures in nature
  • Experienced guides
  • Dramatic landscape

What and When?

  • All year depending on weather
  • Completely private & exclusive experiences
  • A new way to explore the mountains


  • Half day e mtb experiences start from EUR 180 (1 or 2 people)
  • Included's gear, helmet, backpack and bike
  • Guided throughout

Meet Umberto

Umberto Esposito was born in 1982 and took up the interest in photography when he was just a kid.

After finishing his studies he started his career as nature guide, working between Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, thus merging two big passions in his profession: nature and photography.

The experience he had at the end of the nineties when he encountered his first bears, and the emotion that the first images he made evoked, drove him to what is nowadays his profession.

In 2009 he started Wildlife Adventures, a company engaged in spreading the emotions he had as a youngster to those who visit the mountains of the Central Apennines.

He is a hiking instructor registered with the Alpine Guides of the Abruzzo region and also a nature photographer. He is convinced that the environment has a very important role for people and for society and he works every day on this principles.

He is an author of various education and environmental communication projects and regularly works together with the local authorities and various NGOs.

He is co-author of Forest Beat a multimedia projects of photography, focused on the ancient Apennine beech forests and he has published articles and images on various magazines.

"It would be fitting, I think, if among the last man made tracks on earth would be found the footprints of the great brown bear"

Earl Fleming

Umberto Esposito
Wildlife Adventures,Italy