Scotland: Four day Uist Island Experience in the Outer Hebrides

This experience  will take you to the incredible Uist Forest Retreat in the Outer Hebrides. The retreat offers stunning self-catering accommodation on North Uist. The uniquely designed treehouse cabins are nestled amongst the forest with views out to long sandy beaches, Vallay island and the hills of Harris in the distance.

A three-night stay for two at Uist Forest Retreat, exploring the dramatic island landscapes, including an outing in search of otters. Hiking, beautiful coast lines and amazing seafood on your doorstep. The retreat offers stunning self-catering accommodation on North Uist. The uniquely designed treehouse cabins are nestled amongst the forest with views out to long sandy beaches, Vallay Island and the hills of Harris in the distance. 

Relax by the wood burning stove or soak in the views from the freestanding bath. This is an ideal retreat for couples wishing to truly "get away from it all" and unwind in the exceptionally scenic landscape of the Outer Hebrides. 

Both circular self-catering cabins are based on the prehistoric wheelhouse design of the Iron age, the remains of which can be seen in many places throughout Uist.

Stay in a luxury tree house. Spot otters in Uist


Day 1: Arrive at North Uist and check into your accommodation. The mesmerising ever changing colours of the Atlantic ocean as the tide comes and goes provide an incredible view from every room in the cabin throughout each hour of every day.

Each cabin has an en suite bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom with balcony and an open plan lounge / seating area to enjoy the wood burning stove and dramatic views.

Day 2. Explore the area on your own. The forest is one of the most popular stops on the RSPB bird of prey trail where you have the opportunity to glimpse examples of all of the bird of prey species breeding in the Outer Hebrides.

Within the forest you will find a small population of red deer and you may just see them wander past the cabins on occasion.

In autumn time the rutting season is quite spectacular with the sound of the stags roaring around the forest as they look to out-roar their neighbours and secure their mate.

Day 3. An otter watching excursion will be one of the highlights of your trip. It’s a half day out that will provide you with the skills to identify signs of otter activity as well as the knowledge of how and where best to find them; and maybe some nice digital memories of the animals’ themselves. 

You will stop at several of the most scenic and most reliable sites in all of the islands. The island of  South Uist provides a very good chance of finding one or more otters as well as numerous Harbour Seals and both White-tailed and Golden Eagles as an added bonus. 

Then you will move on to Benbecula which is often overlooked for the rich wildlife it supports where even the tidal channel behind the co-op store occasionally holds an otter or two. 

Day 4. On the last day say goodbye to the beautiful Outer Hebrides and Uist Forest Retreat and return home.


  • Days: 4 days/3 nights
  • When: Year round
  • Accommodation: Uist Forest Retreat
  • Guide: Kathryn and Angus
  • How to get there: You can take the train, ferry or fly into Scotland via Inverness or Glasgow. From there you will need to take a train, bus or (rental) car and get to the harbours of Uig, Mallaig or Oban. From these harbours, you can sail into North Uist or South Uist via ferry, bookings via From there, you will need to drive your (rental) car or catch a ride for 1-2 hrs to Uist Forest Retreat.
  • Languages: English


  • €790 for 2 people
  • In one of the three cabins, it’s possible to add a cot in the room.
  • From Summer 2021, the minimum stay at Uist Forest retreat will be 7 nights. Please enquire for prices.

The price includes: Three nights accommodation in a self contained cabin. Half day otter watching tour by a local guide.

The price does not include:Travel to Uist Forest Retreat. Food and beverages.Travelling and activity insurance, any other items not listed in the price.  Personal extras.


While the activities of man have taken their toll, the rise of rewilding in Scotland now offers hope that the wild nature for which the country is rightly renowned can be restored.

From Cairngorms Connect to the Coigach & Assynt Living Landscape initiative, today a growing number of inspirational rewilding projects are demonstrating how rewilding can benefit both people and wildlife.  

At Uist Forest Retreat, are truly committed to the regeneration of native woodland species and improving biodiversity.

We are also supporting formal academic research studies of the white-tailed eagle diet using camera footage and working with RSPB and John Love who re-introduced the white-tailed eagles to Scotland to promote their presence on our landscape and within our communities. 

At the retreat, all the timber is UK sourced and the sedum roof a stonecrop and wildflower mix to create a little wildlife habitat. Both cabins are raised off the ground in the style of a treehouse, to leave the ground below untouched and to give the best opportunity to admire the unrivalled sea views along the coastline.


Aukje Van Gerven and

Irene Fernandez


Kathryn & Angus

Kathryn and Angus were born and raised on the islands and have a genuine passion for the truly stunning local area, amazing variety of wildlife and wealth of outdoor activities. Kathryn spent as much of her childhood as she could hanging out with her native Highland ponies, playing with the sheepdog and chasing hens on the family ran croft, a type of smallholding unique to Scotland. 

Angus grew up addicted to the water and pioneered some of the best surf spots around the islands at a time when very few locals surfed or visitors knew to come all the way to the Outer Hebrides. North Uist is rich in Gaelic language, music and culture. Gaelic is Angus's first language and you are very likely to hear the language being spoken in the local area. 

Kathryn and Angus set about looking at a sustainable way of life within the forest. Recognising how special North Uist is and the rich offering for travellers looking to escape, get back to nature and enjoy the wilderness, Uist Forest Retreat was created to offer the highest standard of accommodation in an exceptional location that comes complete with forest and sea views. 

'Angus and I are blessed to call this our home. We both share a desire to eat local and Uist has some of the best fresh produce from either the croft, the wilderness, the ocean or even accessible from the shore. Cockles can be found when the tide goes out and are delicious eaten in the traditional way when fried up in garlic and oatmeal!'

'When I’m walking along and a pair of white-tailed eagle circle over my head or an otter tucks in to his catch on the shore, I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to be here. We want to share the best the area has to offer with people who want to explore and appreciate the spectacular wildlife and environment here, all our guests say how they wished they had planned to stay for longer!'

Kathryn & Angus 

Owners - Uist Forest Retreat