Sweden: Five day winter fun

Travel through a white wonderland, witness the strength and the joy of the huskies, go ice fishing and enjoy Swedish fika’s

During this five-day adventure you will experience Lapland in its truest form. You will go on a two-day dog sledding trip where you will sleep in a basic but comfortable wilderness cabin. You can enjoy being totally disconnected from everyday life and experience the very basics of being active in nature. 

Feel the team spirit with your own dog team. Enjoy a crackling fire, quality time with friends and family, and delicious food together with the sled team and their friendly huskies.

The other nights you will sleep in Sörbyn Lodge, where you will enjoy local hospitality and a visit to the Sami people - or enjoy a day of ice fishing.


Fun adventures in Swedish Lapland


Day 1: Arrival at Sorbyn Lodge, and welcome by the lodge owner, Cicci Anderson. Make yourself comfortable in your warm and self contained cabin. Enjoy dinner at the lodge and try the wood fired sauna at the lake in the evening, followed by a walk on the frozen lake to see the northern lights

Day 2: Enjoy breakfast at Sorbyn Lodge in the morning. Today you can choose from three activities: you can either go ice fishing, snowshoeing, or visit the Sami people with guide Emmanuel. This takes a total of 4-5 hours and includes lunch. Overnight in the cabin.

Day 3: Today you’ll go on your overnight husky sledding adventure. You’ll be picked up by your guides Erik &Sanne, and transported to their husky farm. There you will be given warm polar clothes, meet the dogs, and help with getting the huskies and sleds ready.

Then you are off to a true adventure in winter wonderland. You will be able to drive the sled yourself if you dare, and enjoy fika’s and lunches over open fires in the Swedish wilderness.

Overnight and dinner in a wilderness cabin.

Day 4: Another day of fun on the husky sled, sliding through the magical and snowed territory of Rane river valley. After a long but tiring day, you will return to the huskyfarm and say goodbye to the dogs and your guides. You will be transported back to your cabin at Sorbyn Lodge where you can enjoy a well deserved shower and sauna. Dinner at the lodge that evening before you’ll look at the sky one last time in search of the northern lights.

Day 5. Departure after breakfast


  • Days: 5 days/4 nights
  • When: December till April
  • Accommodation: Sorbyn Lodge
  • Guide: Cicci, Erik & Sanne and Emmanuel
  • How to get there: Closest airport is Lulea, but you can also train to Boden. You can rent a car from Lulea Airport and drive to the town of Sorbyn in about 1,5 hrs, or ask for a transfer upon request.
  • Languages: English, Swedish

PRICES from July 2021

  • €2195 for one person
  • €1495 per person when travelling with two people
  • Children 0-11 years when travelling with two adults: €1140 per child (max 2 per cabin. Children will sleep on a sofa bed in the cabin and depending on age, the husky tour can be adjusted)
  • Extra option: Transfer one way airport/trainstation to Sorbyn Lodge: €100 per person

Not included in the price: Flight or train to Lulea or Boden, transfer to/from Sorbyn Lodge, dinner on day 2

The price includes: Three nights at a wooden cabin at Sorbyn Lodge (incl bedlinen and final cleaning, three breakfasts and two dinners at Sorbyn Lodge, one activity on Day 2 (Sami visit or Ice fishing or snowshoe walk), Two day overnight husky sledding adventure incl all meals, transfer to/from husky farm, extra winter clothes if needed. 

What to bring: We recommend you to dress in very warm layers. Winter boots, warm (long) underwear, warm hat, water bottle, daypack, long winter pants, warm gloves, winter jacket, rain/snow coat, sun/wind/cold protection cream. Binoculars, personal toiletries/medicines and a sense of adventure!


We collaborate with Rewilding Europe and Rewilding Lapland and support them in their social and wildlife projects. 

Rewilding Lapland is now working hard to boost fish migration, through activities such as spawning ground restoration and the removal of artificial obstacles. Rewilding Europe is working with Rewilding Lapland and local partners to support guided reindeer migration, raising awareness of these threats and supporting Sami communities in their fight for traditional grazing rights.


By collaborating with Sami communities to develop wildlife watching businesses and guided reindeer tourism, the Rewilding Lapland team and partners are working to grow a local nature-based economy and reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Read more about our work in Swedish Lapland here.


Aukje Van Gerven and

Irene Fernandez


Meet Cicci

Cicci grew up on a small farm in Niemisel, in the Rane River Valley – where a very natural approach to wildlife and nature was common practice.

Being aware of nature and all it has to offer was part of her childhood and although she moved from the village at a young age, she returned almost 30 years later; back to her roots and back to nature.

Focusing on community development from within, Cicci is the face of Sorbyn Lodge and is well respected in the area.

My “red line” through life has been local development and to get people involved and believe in their ideas.

So now I´m really happy to be part of creating and building up something sustainable as Sorbyn Lodge and also cooperate with the Rewilding initiative which matches perfectly, a unique experience to show the people who visit the area. 

"That Nature is perfect - it provides relaxation, peace of mind and opens the contact with the wise part in every human being.”

Cicci Andersson

Sorbyn Lodge