Four day summer hike in Mount Stierfe

Hike one of the top 10 hiking trails according to “National Geographic”. Enjoy breathtaking views while taking the less travelled road.

Ringed by the Arctic Circle and bordered by Norway, Finland and the Baltic Sea, Swedish Lapland extends across the top quarter of Sweden. Frequently referred to as "Europe's Alaska", the region is home to the Sami - the European Union's only indigenous people - who call Lapland Sápmi.

Travel with us to the magical  territory of Swedish Lapland. Hike on the Kungsleden, according to “National Geographic” one of the world’s Top 10 hiking trails. The Sarek National Park is often described as Europe’s last true wilderness.

Our partners on the field, Sanne and Erik, will be your guides. They have a great passion for the Scandinavian nature. With 10 years of guiding experience, you will be in good hands. All our tours are private, so we can focus on your wishes and adjust to your fitness level.

Private and flexible adventures in Swedish Lapland


Day 1:  Kvikkjokk to Pårte cabin, 16 km Or Saltoluokta to Sitojaure cabin, 20 km. On day 1 we meet at the starting point with coffee and fika. We can start this tour in Kvikkjokk or Saltoluokta. They are both a 2-day hike away from Aktse, but they differ in landscape. The trail from Kvikkjokk is a bit easier and winds through forests. If we walk from Saltoluokta we have to climb some bigger hills but we are rewarded with endless views towards the mountains of Sarek National Park.

Day 2: Hike to Aktse cabin, 24 km Or Hike to Aktse cabin, 13 km.


Day 3: Day hike to Mount Skierfe, 15 km. From there we only take our day-packs and climb the spectacular Mount Skierfe, with it’s literally breathtaking view of the Rapaädno River Delta.

We will spend the last night again in the Aktse cabin. Here we have the possibility to enjoy a relaxing sauna.

Day 4: Helicopter panorama. The last day a helicopter will fly us back from Aktse to the starting point. We can enjoy the beautiful scenery once again, but now from above!


  • Days/nights: 4 days/ 3 nights 
  • When: June to September.  
  • Accommodation: Sleep 3 nights in cozy mountain cabins
  • Guide: our guides Erik and Sanne will share their passion for nature with you during this adventure 
  • How to get there: closest airport is Lulea. Transfer can be arranged with us from/to Lulea and Jokkmokk. 
  • Languages: English, Dutch, German, Swedish.




  • Price : €1240 pp.
  • Children 8-11 years old: half price

The cost includes: three nights in mountain cabins, all meals from mid morning coffee on day 1 until lunch at day 4, privately guided hike, Helicopter transfer back to the starting point

The cost does not include: Flights, transfers from the trainstation or airport to Kvikkjokk or Saltoluokta, anything not mentioned.

What to bring: We recommend you to dress in layers, ideally in neutral colors to blend with the surroundings. Hiking shoes, sun hat, water bottle, daypack, long pants, hat and wool gloves, jacket, raincoat or poncho, sun protection cream, non smelling mosquito/tick repellent and camp shoes (sandals). Binoculars, personal toiletries/medicines and a sense of adventure!


We collaborate with Rewilding Europe and Rewilding Lapland and support them in their social and wildlife projects. 

Rewilding Lapland is now working hard to boost fish migration, through activities such as spawning ground restoration and the removal of artificial obstacles. Rewilding Europe is working with Rewilding Lapland and local partners to support guided reindeer migration, raising awareness of these threats and supporting Sami communities in their fight for traditional grazing rights.

By collaborating with Sami communities to develop wildlife watching businesses and guided reindeer tourism, the Rewilding Lapland team and partners are working to grow a local nature-based economy and reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Click here to learn more about our work in Swedish Lapland.


Aukje Van Gerven


Erik & Sanne

Born and raised in the Netherlands, and with several active holidays in the north they decided to leave our their home country in 2010 to explore further.

“We were longing for adventure and wanted to fulfil our dreams of living close to nature. Our love for huskies and dog sledding brought us to different places in Lapland. We gained a lot of experience about dog care, wilderness guiding, winter, nature and the animals around us.”

After settling down in the Rane River Valley we followed the dream of having our own pack of huskies. These dogs are our colleagues, family and best friends! Every day with them is a happy day out in nature.

Together with our pack we are able to welcome guests and give them an experience of a lifetime. 

"We love to share our passion with people from all over the world and we are very dedicated to give our guests a very authentic and personal adventure."

Erik & Sanne

Owners - Yellow Snow Husky Adventures