Nature Photography

Photographing wildlife and nature is fast becoming a very popular reason for people to travel, not only to see, smell and experience - but to capture a perfect moment...a memory frozen in time...a reminder to return and adventure again!

White-tailed Eagle Photo Safari

During the boat trip it is possible that the white-tailed eagle will hunt fish closer than fifty meters from the boat - a great photographic opportunity as they glide over the waters edge and compete against other birdlife. Read more

Vulture Photography Portugal

  • Western Iberia
  • Portugal

Experience the specially designed wildlife photography hides, developed by local entrepreneur Fernando Romao, a wildlife guide and photographer that will take you into the heart of Portugal's wild nature. Read more

Wildlife Photo Hides of Velebit

  • Velebit Mountains
  • Croatia

Locally crafted and designed to match the forested region, each hide was place in a specific location according to animal behavior and movement. The hides are well insulated and rather spacious inside... Read more