A new and exclusive range of travel experiences in some of Europe's wildest locations. Especially designed for our supporters, this thrillingly immersive programme gives you the opportunity to travel to the heart of our operational areas. 

Developed to immerse you into the fundamentals of Rewilding, and the impact of proactive nature tourism, these experiences are customised to the area of travel, and your specific needs. 

Both private travel and set departures are available. 

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Explore Italy's wild heart
A four day experience in the heart of Abruzzo National park, led by highly skilled nature guides, and sustained by some of the finest local food and wine, a journey here truly is an exploration of Italy’s “wild heart”.
From EURO 1.470
Bison, bears and a beautiful landscape
Four days in the Tarcu Mountains, at the southern end of Romania’s arcing Carpathian Mountains some of Europe’s largest wilderness landscapes are now being created. This is the perfect place to experience a true European safari.
From Euro 2.250
Sustainable leadership programme in Nature
Re-connect with nature within yourself and around you in the wilderness of Romania, grow awareness, learn and act for a sustainable future. In partnership with Nature Lab.

Meet Simon

Simon Collier was born in South Africa and started his safari career over twenty years ago at &Beyond Phinda, moving to Londolozi where he not only worked as a guide but also as a camp manager. He continued his career at Wilderness Safaris, as General Manager for Wilderness Explorations. 

Currently living in The Netherlands, Simon is keeping a very strong connection to eco-tourism and nature, maintaining a strong role in guide training and mentorship within Europe.

Simon spent five years developing the wildlife & tourism industry across Europe and became an expert in developing sustainable businesses in rural areas in many countries. 

He launched the European Safari Company in 2016 and started his own business in 2019: Nature Tourism Development. 

Simon is passionate about wildlife & nature and has real experience in the field. He has excellent people skills and has hosted guests, media and partners.



“A day in the wild is a blessing, and the ability and opportunity to share this with other people a privilege.  Europe’s wild has so much to offer and backed with a combination of local communities and cultures provides a dynamic experiences not to be missed.” ~ Simon Collier


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