Experience highlights

  • Rewild yourself: back-to-basics and digital detox
  • Hiking, wildlife spotting and learning
  • Support Rewilding in action
  • Reconnect with nature within yourself & around you
  • Learn and contribute to Rewilding
  • Increase awareness about sustainability & ideas to act
  • May and September 2020: exact dates coming soon!
  • Tented camps and wild sleep out experiences
  • From EUR 2.250, pp sharing (including all programme workshops)
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Trip Overview

Deep in the Romanian wilderness, without any connection to the wider world, you will reflect deeply on your own human nature and how you want to make a difference in the field of sustainability.

This unique Sustainability Leadership Programme is developed in cooperation with Rewilding Europe and NatureLab.

Away from everything familiar from your daily routine. Living in simplicity, without watches, cell phones, and sense of time, there are no distractions but the natural world around us.

The setting invites to reflect and leads to increased awareness. Self awareness of the road you have travelled so far as well as awareness of the context in which you are living and working now.

The wilderness context invites to reflect and leads to increased awareness about sustainability and your potential to contribute to this – personally and professionally. During the programme you will not only learn about the practice of rewilding from local guides and experts, but you will also contribute to it both practically and financially. Furthermore, the programme inspires and enables you to act towards sustainability in general and rewilding in particular.

The programme is not only the trail in Romania but consists of several blocks offered in a 3-month period including a kick-off workshop (meet the group, sharing practical information, start learning process) , the five day immersion in Romania and our follow-up workshop used to formulate a plan to address your sustainability challenge. 

Designed for 6-8 professionals from corporate companies, non-profits or and anyone who would like to make an extra step in the field of sustainability.

"An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it, is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfilment."

- Sir David Attenborough


Contact Jasper Folmer  -  Nature Lab Facilitator
Jasper Folmer - Nature Lab Facilitator

In the forest near his birthplace his love for the natural world started. With his passion for being outdoors and his curiosity about the potential of people he founded leadership and transformation firm Nature Lab in 2014. Jasper has facilitated many programmes for people and organizations in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Azores and Italy. He is committed to contribute to the natural world because of its importance and beauty, and because the biodiversity is at stake.

Contact Maarten van der Schaaf- Nature Lab Facilitator
Maarten van der Schaaf- Nature Lab Facilitator

A passionate storyteller and writer on leadership, sustainability and nature.   Maarten publishes regularly in Dutch newspapers and magazines.  Apart from his work as a journalist, he organizes and leads retreats and leadership programmes in the great outdoors of Europe. Maarten is an associate at Nature Lab and facilitator at the Foundation for Natural Leadership.

Meet Florin

Florin Halastauan is one of the specialized nature guides in the Southern Carpathians. As part of the local WWF and Rewilding team members, Florin has worked extensively in the region involved in the bison reintroduction and monitoring program.

He has extensive experience as a park ranger in several wilderness areas in Europe, including Norway and Finland. 

He was a park ranger in Retezat National Park, and has organized educational nature camps for children. 

Florin has also instructed development courses for bison rangers, and led activities focused on maintenance and repairs in the field. An integral part of the bison reintroduction is the mitigation of human / wildlife conflict incurring a sustainable relationship  to form between communities and nature.

At the moment he is working in Romania for WWF in partnership with Rewilding Europe on the LIFE bison reintroduction project in the Tarcu Mountains.

Florin Halastauan

Wildlife Officer Southern Carpathians


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