Adventuring through Slovenia

Enjoy its wildlife and discover the beautiful countryside of Slovenia - its a marvel of activities, culture, history and wildlife waiting for you. 

At a glance

Slovenia is one of the few European countries where three large carnivore species can be spotted in their natural habitat; brown bear, wolf and Eurasian lynx.  

Day 1: In the morning you will arrive at Ljubljana Airport, and be transferred downtown. This medieval city is a must see, and in the afternoon you will have a sightseeing tour with your guide, followed by dinner in the old  castle overlooking the city. You will spend the night in a family owned hotel in a central location, where you will also enjoy a leisure breakfast the next morning.

Day 2: This day’s adventure, which takes place in the region of Kočevska, includes parts of the Roška pešpot hiking trail. This offers a great opportunity for a hike through the solitary Rog forest. Lake Kočevje, the Rajhenav  virgin forest and the European silver fir tree queen of the Rog forest have been here for centuries. Your guide will make sure all photo enthusiasts are shown the hidden corners of this mystical forest. In the evening in partnership with the local hunters association,  a guided observation of bears will be organised at one of the hunting observatory. The best time to observe bears is late in the afternoon, just before dusk. Since bears follow more or less the same routine every day and are used to frequenting the area around the station, they almost always appear to visitors. Dinner is included in the package. This experience is part of an outreach and development program engaging local associations to develop a more sustainable partnership with nature. 

Day 3: After a hearty breakfast, prepared from locally grown products, you will be trekking the Roska Trail and possibly a visit to the Željna Caves, where people have been searching for shelter for over 20,000 years. After lunch, you are transported back to Ljubljana Airport where your experience ends.

Our partners developed this unique programme in collaboration with the Life DinAlp Bear project and the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, according to sustainable tourism standards and with the smallest possible impact on the environment, especially the wildlife.

"A bad day on a mountain bike is better than a good day in the office!"

- Mike Brcic