Guided experiences into rewilding

Taking in amazing primeval forests, dramatic glens and sparkling highland lochs in search of spectacular wildlife.

At a glance

Rewilding is the large-scale restoration of naturally functioning ecosystems on land and at sea. This means allowing nature to do more of its own thing and to establish natural processes that result in habitats brimming with wildlife. 

Some people call rewilding 'the conservation of the future' and although the UK falls behind the rest of Europe when it comes to rewilding, there are many exciting initiatives underway in the Scottish Highlands.

Our adventure will be enhanced by fascinating discussions, picnic lunches in the field and of course, the odd coffee stop.

A key element of rewilding is for communities to see the benefit in restoring wild landscapes and wildlife populations, by creating new economic opportunities which allow them to thrive. We believe healthy nature and healthy communities go hand in hand. Our Rewilding Retreats demonstrate and support this philosophy.

Our retreats visit inspiring rewilding projects where we’ll hear first-hand from the experts on the ground who will provide fascinating insights into their work and explain why rewilding is so beneficial to both wildlife and people. 

Taking in amazing primeval forests, dramatic glens and sparkling highland lochs in search of the spectacular wildlife that lives there, such as ospreys, eagles, red squirrels, pine martens, beavers and otters.

*All photo credits to SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

"Staring into a Scottish landscape, I have often asked myself why – in spite of all appearances – bracken, rocks, man and sea are at some level one."

- Hugh MacDiarmid

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8-14 June 2019 - SOLD OUT

  • Magnificent views and setting
  • Guided throughout 
  • Osprey, red squirrel, pine martin, beavers and otters

19-25 October 2019 - 4 Places left

  • Autumn colours
  • Max 7 people
  • Red kites, pine marten, dolphin, salmon, red squirrels and otters

Costs & inclusions

  • EUR 1335 per person
  • Incl. 6 nights accommodation, travel during the retreat
  • Incl. professional guide, all meals and soft drinks
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