Tracking Bison in the Tarcu Mountains

  • Bison tracking on foot
  • Remote mountain tented camp
  • Local cuisine
  • Small groups 2 - 6 people
  • 2 days, 2 nights including meals
  • Guided throughout
  • EUR 299, per person sharing
  • local transfers in the area included
  • starting from Armenis Bison Centre

Tracking bison on foot

Led by expert guides, this activity will offer you the opportunity to understand the behaviour and ecological importance of the bison. Identifying signs and tracks on the bison helps to understand their movements better, and hopefully lead you to a glimpse of these amazing creatures. Often in the forested areas, tracking needs to be well coordinated and very sensitively done to not impact the animals natural behaviour. 

As wild animals, they are quick, illusive and not always easy to spot - radio telemetry equipment can help as this is used for monitoring the animals movements, but that’s not always needed. The mountainous area of the Tarcu region is vast, rugged and wild. The activity can take 3 - 5 hours depending on the area, movement of the bison and conditions of weather.

Blending into the natural surroundings is important, so neutrally coloured gear should be worn, good walking/hiking shoes, a water bottle and a rain jacket are key equipment items to take along. Don’t forget a pair of binoculars and a camera to capture the scenery and experience!

The tracking experience is best done in small groups of between two and four people, but larger groups can be accommodated and split into smaller tracking groups if necessary. 

Other activities in the area include bear watching, tracking of Chamois, and hiking in the Tarcu Mountains.

"A world without huge regions of total wilderness would be a cage; a world without lions and tigers and vultures and snakes and deer and bison would be - will be - a human zoo. A high tech slum!"

- Edward Abbey

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