Wildlife Watching

Travel isn't only about getting from one place to the next, but rather about what you see and do along the way. More so now about how to get to see and experience places...get out the car and onto the beaten track and explore more remote parts of Europe's nature.

Mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoe tracking...just a few of the great ACTIVE ways to experience nature.Take a look at our example trips

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Wildlife watching Portugal

  • Western Iberia
  • Portugal

Experience the specially designed wildlife watching hides, developed by local entrepreneur Fernando Romao, a wildlife guide and photographer that will take you into the heart of wild nature in Faia Brava Nature Reserve. Read more

In search of Otters

  • Outer Hebrides
  • Scotland

Although European Otters are widespread in the Outer Hebrides this trip is designed to provide the best chance of seeing them and possibly photographing them on a day out. Read more

Rewilding Retreats in the Cairngorms

  • Cairngorms National Park
  • Scotland

Large areas of forest, peatland and wetland are being given back to nature, and these are the places where sea eagles soar, pine martens forage and beavers shape forests and lochs. Read more

Best of Slovenia

  • Southern mountains
  • Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the few European countries where three large carnivore species can be spotted in their natural habitat; brown bear, wolf and Eurasian lynx. These three days are packed with experience and photo opportunities of a lifetime.  Read more

White-tailed Eagles of the Oder Delta

  • Oder Delta
  • Poland

Explore one of the highest breeding densities of white-tailed eagles in continental Europe, the Oder Delta. The area has diverse wildlife and many attractions to discover! Read more