Green Tourism

The Green Tourism movement

The term “green tourism” was first used around the 1980s, when hotels started suggesting to their customers to hang the towels if they wanted to use them again, in order to save water. The movement of Green Tourism promotes greener means for companies and service providers to operate. This means include:

  • Reduce energy consumption 
  • Save water
  • Reduce waste
  • Buy local and seasonal product
  • Protect biodiversity

Green Tourism at the European Safari Company

The European Safari Company is highly committed to Green Tourism, by allowing you to make Europe a wilder place by just going on vacations. 

The ethics of the company go hand in hand with green tourism. These are: 

  • Ethical approach to wildlife watching
  • Contribution to Rewilding Europe
  • Promoting use of public transport before plane
  • Colaborating with local partners 
  • Reduce CO2 emissions 

European Safari Company

The European Safari Company is a premier, green tourism agency providing you with memorable trips throughout Europe.

When you book with us:

  • 5% of your booking goes to Rewilding Europe
  • You will be hosted by caring local partners who are commited to green tourism. 
  • You’re getting a once in a lifetime unique, eco friendly vacation. 

Green Tourism in Europe - Destinations

Our selected green travel destinations span the European continent ensuring you can travel ethically on any vacation you take. From Faia Brava in Portugal to Southern Carpathians in Romania; from Swedish Lapland in Sweden to the Oder Delta in Germany; we offer safaris in the most breath-taking destinations to give you the holiday of your dreams.

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The importance of Green Tourism

Green tourism is a beneficial way to travel because it provides experiential ways to get closer to nature all while conserving natural environments. 

It’s an impactful way to both boost local economies by creating jobs and to build environmental and cultural awareness while reducing the impact and acting in a greener way.


Green holidays that support the planet 

When you travel with us, you don’t just embark on a journey, but you directly support nature and the comeback of wildlife in some of Europe’s most amazing areas.

We take you to some of the most untouched places on the continent and help you do it in a green and environmentally friendly way.

Frequently asked questions about green tourism

What is green tourism?

Green tourism was a term to describe small scale tourism that encouraged travelers to go ahead and visit natural areas while minimizing the impact of tourism in the environment

What are the benefits of green tourism and why is it important?

The main benefits of green tourism revolve around the conservation of nature and reducing the impact generated by traveling and the travel industry.

Are green travel and ecotourism the same thing?

Green tourism and ecotourism are not the same thing, but they are closely related. While ecotourism focuses on conserving natural environments and building cultural awareness, and can relate to aiding conservation efforts, green tourism refers to the efforts made by travelers and service providers to reduce the impact of traveling.

Does the European Safari Company work with green hotels and green travel destinations?

The European Safari Company works with companies that align with their value and mission of pairing incredible vacations with a dedication to nature conservation. We pride ourselves in finding and working with the best local partners to deliver unique, authentic experiences to you! Our business is based on relationships, filled with trust and integrity - our partners are here because they strive for the same.

Are all of the European Safari Company’s vacations examples of green travel?

Yes! We’re passionate about creating adventurous and enjoyable holidays that you can enjoy without worrying about how it impacts the environment. Our green friendly holidays are memorable events you’ll feel good about taking with you for the rest of your life.