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Holiday Ideas in Europe

Europe is the most visited continent in the world. Most of the tourists never fail to visit Paris, Barcelona, Rome to mention a few. 

But there is a wild side of Europe that is awaiting for adventure seekers that provide them with natural and sustainable opportunities.


Holiday ideas at the European Safari Company

The European Safari Company is an ecotourism operator that offers unique, adventurous safaris throughout Europe. These eco holidays are perfect for people looking for unique, ethical travel options. 

We pair with local tour operators, guides and hotels to ensure all of our safaris provide you with unique, memorable experiences while protecting the environment, which make us one of the premier ecotourism agencies in Europe.

European Safari Company

The European Safari Company is a premier, green tourism agency providing you with memorable trips throughout Europe.

When you book with us:

  • 5% of your booking goes to Rewilding Europe
  • You will be hosted by caring local partners who are commited to green tourism. 
  • You’re getting a once in a lifetime unique, eco friendly vacation. 

Holidays in Europe - Destinations

Our holiday ideas destinations span the European continent ensuring you can travel ethically on any vacation you take. From Faia Brava in Portugal to Southern Carpathians in Romania; from Swedish Lapland in Sweden to the Oder Delta in Germany; we offer safaris in the most breath-taking destinations to give you the European holiday of your dreams.

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The importance of eco holidays 

Eco holidays are a beneficial way to get to know nature and untapped European scenarios in an environmentally friendly and ethical way, reducing the impact generated by regular traveling.

It’s an impactful way to both boost local economies by creating jobs and to build environmental and cultural awareness.



Why traveling with the European Safary company?

When you travel with the European Safari Company, you don’t just embark on a journey, but you directly support nature and the comeback of wildlife in some of Europe’s most amazing areas.

We take you to some of the most untouched places on the continent and help you do it in an environmentally friendly way.

Frequently asked questions about Eco Holiday Ideas

Where can I get holiday ideas?

Social media is a great place to get holiday ideas. From looking at different travel pages on Instagram to browsing destinations on Pinterest, this is a great place to start. A simple Google search may also be enough to get you going!

What are the best holiday ideas?

This varies by person, so it’s hard to say! The best holidays are the ones that are memorable and don’t negatively impact nature or the environment.

What are holiday ideas in Europe?

There is so much to see in Europe: from the coast in Portugal, to the forests in Germany, to the Alps, the incredible Croatian coast, the Italian peninsula. All of these are great places to start researching to see if anything appeals to you.

Are all of the European Safari Company’s vacations eco friendly holidays?

Yes! We’re passionate about creating adventurous and enjoyable holidays that you can enjoy without worrying about how it impacts the environment. Our eco friendly holidays are memorable events you’ll feel good about taking with you for the rest of your life.