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How to incorporate sustainability into your next trip

1 October 2021 Find out about the small changes in your travel planning that can help you become a more sustainable tourist. Incorporating these subtle changes has a large effect on the long run, benefitting nature and communities of the areas you visit. These steps can easily be embedded into your next trip, and here’s how. ... Read more

Ecotourism in family in the Southern Carpathians

30 August 2021 Our travellers are the best ambassadors of our rewilding message. It is with great joy that we read the amazing posts, reviews and blogs that European Safari Company travellers write after they have travelled with us. Last August Imke travelled with her family to the beautiful Southern Carpathians to see the bison reintroduction efforts with her own… Read more

Travel Diary- Rewilding Training Tourism in Italy

28 June 2021 Daniel Veríssimo, Rewilding Portugal's Enterprise Office, was present at the European Safari Company's Rewilding Tourism Training in Italy, and wants to share with us the amazing experiences he had during this trip. ... Read more

From Rome to bears

16 June 2021 Georg Messerer, partner guide of The European Safari Company and participant of Rewilding Training Tourism, wrote an inspiring piece for us about his experience seeing a bear with his own eyes during the first day of Rewilding Training For Tourism field training in Central Apennines in May 2021. Read about the once in a lifetime experience here.... … Read more

On an adventure through the Dutch and Belgian wilderness

3 May 2021 Picture this: three different and diverse ecosystems full of biodiversity, three unique overnight experiences in handpicked accommodations, and making an impact thanks to a direct contribution into conservation projects. Pack your bags. Let’s go!... Read more

WeLeaf travels again

28 April 2021 WeLeaf travels again after having their plans interrupted by the COVID pandemic. Which new adventure is on their minds? Read more to find out!... Read more

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