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Weleaf goes on a Train trip

31 December 2019 For us slow travel is about traveling in a motion that gives us the time to adapt to the landscapes and communities we pass. To feel the landscape, talk with the locals and know distances. Where the trip is not about commuting from A to B missing all that is in between, but where the trip is the journey, no matter the destination. It is the reason we... Read more

Autumn in The Rhodope Mountains

23 January 2020 It's late autumn, raining heavily and I'm climbing up an impressive piece of very wet rock. I'm luckly it's not breeding season, or otherwise I couldn't have gone up here at all - I would have scared the vultures off their nests.... Read more

Weleaf goes skijoring

17 December 2019 We spread our eyes and open our month while we turn around looking at the ceiling. We are in Carl's basement and start laughing. The ceiling is completely covered with skis. All kind of skis. So many skis we don't even know the name of. Nordic skis, backcountry skis, classic skis, skate skis, downhill skis, freestyle skis and many more skis.... ... Read more

Weleaf meets a moose

26 November 2019 After 48 days in the canoe we are working on our last days to the end destination. In less then a week we arrive in Fort Kent, a small village one bridge away from Canada. We don't want to stop before we get to see a moose, but no luck so far. The water is low and we have to take wide turns around gravel beaches. If we don't follow the deepest channel... Read more

Happily tracking European bison through the mud

25 October 2019 Magical mountains, snow covered peaks and the adventure of sleeping in nature; the Southern Carpathian mountains are wild, remote and filled with adventure. Tracking bison, camp fires and amazing local hospitality fill the imagination and inspire discovery. ... Read more

Weleaf goes canoeing

26 September 2019 In 2016, Olivier and Zoƫ started their journey by bike, sail and foot. With WeLeaf they want to inspire other people to travel on their own and to discover nature. Since they are Europeans, they support bringing wilderness and adventure closer to the people that live in Europe, so they can travel with a smaller ecological footprint. This is why they... Read more

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