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Weleaf follows animal tracks in Canada

1 April 2020 “Aren’t you afraid of wild animals?” One of our hosts asks. We are sitting around the table in the evening. “There are wolves out there” she tells us. “We really hope to see a wolf” we say with a big smile. ... Read more

A tranquil birders paradise

12 March 2020 The exciting Oder Delta is a unique region and strategically located at one of Europe’s great ecological crossroads. There are some charismatic species to be spotted here – European bison, elk, beaver, wolf and of course the white-tailed eagle. ... Read more

Between wild wolves and mighty mountains

12 March 2020 Lea and I, two wildlife ecology students and photographers from Germany, were the lucky winners of the Christmas contest carried out by the European Safari Company. What did we win? An exciting winter wolf tracking in the Abruzzo area of Italy. In February we made our way in this lesser known region which is located only one and a half hours east of... Read more

Weleaf goes skiing in Canada

31 December 2019 We have started with the craziest trip of trips. Skiing the Lower Nord Coast of Canada. Three months of skiing in arctic conditions. Nights of 30 below zero and days that temperatures don’t rise above -15 degrees. We basically lock ourselves in a fridge with a tent, a cooking stove and some damn good sleeping bags. Over the past months we have been... Read more

A day in the field with our interns Nicole and Irene

31 December 2019 Sometimes it takes one ‘outsider’ to remind us how beautiful our country is. And that’s what we are here for today. When we think of the Netherlands, we think of a liberal and open minded country. A place where everything is chill and flowing. But, we never think of nature... Read more

Weleaf goes on a Train trip

31 December 2019 For us slow travel is about traveling in a motion that gives us the time to adapt to the landscapes and communities we pass. To feel the landscape, talk with the locals and know distances. Where the trip is not about commuting from A to B missing all that is in between, but where the trip is the journey, no matter the destination. It is the reason we... Read more

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