A tranquil birders paradise

Text: Aukje van Gerven

The exciting Oder Delta is a unique region and strategically located at one of Europe’s great ecological crossroads. There are some charismatic species to be spotted here – European bison, elk, beaver, wolf and of course the white-tailed eagle.


The Oder Delta expands two countries, Germany and Poland. Both sides have their own personal charm and interesting sites and activities. So last spring, we decided to explore the Germanic side and offer our guests the best of the Oder Delta Germany.

After an easy trip to Berlin and another easy two hour drive to the small quaint village of Stolpe, we arrived at Gutshaus Stolpe. A historic manor, it’s a beautiful place filled with charm. After a good night’s rest, the rolling lawns towards the Peene River invited me to do an early morning yoga session underneath the massive magnolia tree. The hearty breakfast after, sets me up for the rest of the day.

We drive to Anklam, where our partner Abenteuer Flusslandschaft is waiting for us with their canoes and kayaks. We meet with one of the owners, Antje, and eat a German sausage roll for lunch together. From their base, we can easily start our paddle, so we gear up in waterproof pants and life vests. The sun is shining abundantly, but you always get at least a little wet in a kayak.

Our guide Janina is taking our party of three to paddle the tranquil Peene river in two double kayaks for the next two hours. We slowly make our way down the river and quickly discover many birds in the trees, spotting the famous white-tailed eagle almost immediately. We stop at the banks of the Peene for a break and Janina shows us the burial ground of Vikings settlements – a nice historic touch to this active nature experience.


We paddle until we see the jetty of Gutshaus Stolpe and get out of our kayaks there. Our next stop is to meet local guide and bird watcher Gunther, and do a walking tour of the Anklamer Stadbruch. The amount of white tailed sea eagles and other birds in this area surprises me. We see deer too on our walk, and signs of beaver. Gunther assures us we will see beaver the next morning, when we go on an early morning solar boat ride on the Peene.


After a long day it’s time to unwind and tonight we’re staying at a different place on the river, the Hotel&Restaurant Am Peenetal in Liepen. Unwinding is made very easy here, as it offers a large bathing and wellness area. I decide to explore it before dinner, and to my delight it offers a large pool, steam room and a massive outdoor jacuzzi where you can soak away any stress while breathing in fresh air and looking at green trees. It’s absolute heaven!

After a lovely dinner we have to get up early the next morning, as our solar boat leaves at 5am. Gunther is taking us on a tour of the river. We have seen it yesterday from a kayak, but it’s a different experience again from a boat. It’s cold but armed with hot tea, fleece blankets and good binoculars, we set out to watch the sun rise. 

The Peene river does not disappoint. We see three beavers happily swimming in the early morning mist, a kingfisher, cranes and many more birds. The sun shows off its orange rays through the trees and it is quiet, so quiet. 

When we return to the hotel an hour later, I quickly have another dip in the jacuzzi to warm up. I could get used to this. After another great German breakfast, it is time to go home again. Next time I need tranquility and watch the birds go by, I know where to go…

See you next time,





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Photo credit; S.Collier and Anklamer Stadtbruch.



Many thanks to all our local partners who go out of their way to make our guests comfortable and make their experience even more special.