Adding new experiences and destinations to the European Safari Company

Adding new experiences and destinations to the European Safari Company (ESC) takes time, planning and thorough investigation. We aren’t just any online site selling holidays - we believe in creating experiences intertwined with nature.

What is an ESC Experience?

‘Safari in Europe’ isn’t a common phrase, certainly not in the past but this is slowly changing. A safari is a journey of adventure and discovery and this is not exclusive to Africa. Europe is filled with safari like opportunity, where nature and people collide. The beauty of Europe is simply that...culture, history, wildlife and cuisine all packed into one...thats an ESC Experience

There are a number of critical factors which we look for when creating new ESC Experiences, and all ingredients are critical to the end result - your safari experience Nature and a positive impact on nature is critical - and can be assessed on how offerings are run, the partners that coordinate them or the set of standards attached to them regarding nature.

People, we search for good people, and entrust them with our guests. Even with the most amazing location and wildlife you need great people including their history and culture. Unique experiences, often unique in setting, delivery or the way we build them

Cuisine - eat local as much as possible! You should at least give it a try as every adventure and experience needs conversation and reflection over a warm meal and a crackling fire.

With these four ingredients we can customise and create a new ESC Experience. 

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