Get inspired with our safari stories

At the European Safari Company, we want to invite you to take a virtual trip with us through the inspiring blogs that our partners, clients and colleagues have written.

This is a selection of stories from the field that we hope will make you dream about adventurous and sustainable travels whenever it’s possible again.

Buckle up and enjoy making Europe wilder with us!

Photography credits: Daniel Mirlea, Staffan Widstrand, Jon Earle, Petra Draskovic, Bruno D'Amicis


Tracking European bison through the mud

Read about a truly adventurous bison tracking trip full of mud and happiness. We visited The Southern Carpathians in the spring to have a taste of culture, food, wildlife and pure excitement. 

On the trail of bewitching bovines: Matei Myculescu

Learn about bison reintroduction in Romania from local guide and WWF bison ranger Matei Miculescu. He will be your guide if you travel to Romania with us, but for now let him amaze you with his his passion and stories through this blog. 



Tracking the bid bad wolf in Italy

Last year, The European Safari Company organized a press trip to the Central Apennines, to further spread the word on the amazing opportunities this area has to offer. Read all about it here to start dreaming about your next adventure on snowshoes. 

Between wild wolves and mighthy mountains

Lea and Anskar, were the lucky winners of the Christmas contest carried out by the European Safari Company. They explain first hand how exciting is to track wolves in Italy throught the snow and with the support of our expert guides. 

A journey through Italy's wild heart

Umberto Esposito, guide and partner of Rewilding Europe since the first day, talks about his passion for nature and bringing quality and educative experiences to the public

Nature and tourism in the Abruzzo's

Mario Cipollone, team leader of Rewilding Apennines, offers his take on the beauty and importance of Italy’s nature and the impact of choosing sustainable and nature-friendly holidays.


On the Polish side of the delta with Iwona

Exploring the Oder Delta area would not be the same without Iwona a guide specialized in environmental protection. She found paradise on earth in the Oder Delta where she developes sustainable birding tours.

Between birds and bison

Aukje Van Gerven from The European Safari Company traveled in March to the Oder Delta in Poland to visit our partners on the field and experience firsthand the magic of one of Europe's most important birdlife hotspots. 



See Swedish Lapland through the eyes of Cicci Anderson

Cicci Anderson is the owner of Sörbyn Lodge, one of the accommodations we offer in the middle of Swedish nature. She talks about the importance and beauty of Swedish nature in this blog.

Warm and fuzzy days in cold Swedish Lapland

Temperatures far below freezing, meters of snow, reindeer, hot fires, husky sledding and the occasional sauna. Magical Swedish Lapland as seen from our Wildlife Manager’s eyes.


Autumn in the Rhodope Mountains

Aukje explores the Rhodope Mountains and experiences the amazing hospitality of our guides and partners. Sleeping in a lake retreat and eating in a organic farm are some of the highlights of this undiscovered area. 

Rewilding efforts and tourism in Bulgaria

We talked with Hristo Hristov, a rewilding officer from the Rewilding Rhodope team, about the efforts in this area and what tourism means for the conservation of the region.


Exploring the wildlife of the north with Angus and Kathyn

Angus and Kathryn were raised on the Outer Hebrides islands. Growing up here you are naturally connected to the seasons, the land, the ocean, the environment and the wildlife. Find out more about life in a secluded island on our blog.


Discover Slovenia with Petra Draskovic

We want to introduce you to Petra Draškovič Pelc, our local guide in Slovenia. She is a curious researcher and holds a PhD in Biomedical science, but is always very close to the heart of nature. 


A cowboy experience in the Velebit Mountains with Dr. Bruce Yerkovich

Dr. Bruce Yerkovich is an  American-Croatian entrepreneur doctorate and scientist. He owns a Ranch and Retreat in the middle of  the stunning Velebit region, with is covered by beech and pine forests, underground canyons, caves and waterfalls.