Adding new destinations and exciting new experiences!

Perhaps a new safari destination is calling and now is the time to keep your eyes open. Over the next six weeks the European Safari Company will be adding in at least two new destinations, and expanding the experiences in one of the existing areas.

Curious to hear more - well we've got some great new travels ahead for you. Over the course of the last six months the team have been traveling and scouting new destinations, and finding the best the areas have to offer. From Slovenia to Spain...and hopefully Scotland too!

There is so much to choose from, but with your guidance we have targeted the ares you wish to see the most.  From wildlife to scenery, cultural immersion and outdoor marvels - the new areas bring so many new experiences to our offering - we cant wait to share them with you.

Nature is our core, but we always aim to offer a true European Safari experience to our travelers. As such, a new melting pot of a destination has been selected, and experiences are being built just for you!

From mountains to coastline, hiking to adventure running, organic honey production and amazing local wines - this new pick has so much potential.

Fill the days with bear photography, wolf howling, research or exploring the old growth forests...any ideas yet? Make sure to keep your an eye on social media to get a sneak peak in the coming weeks.

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