The new photo hide in Faia Brava is open!

Over the past five months, local wildlife photographer Fernando Romão has been working closely with reserve management to develop the new vulture photographic hide! Over the last few months, the construction has taken place, and the new vulture feeding station is currently being used.

Designed in conjunction with professional photographers in mind, the hides have special photographic glass for viewing and also five individual camera ports for external lenses and image capturing.

The hides are well insulated for both animal sensitivity and also temperature variance during the year.

In partnership with ATN, the photography hides will continue to function in the plight to protect and also monitor these endangered birds, while creating an enterprise which supports local tourism development and contributes to the ongoing conservation of this area. 

The hide experience is paired with a short reserve experience and a picnic brunch near-by. The experience lasts around three to four hours depending on the day and conditions!

The hides are fitted with comfortable director chairs, viewing ports, local information. Join Fernando Romão on a photographic journey through the Coa valley!