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Europe’s Big five and where to find them.

25 November 2020 Surely everybody has heard about Africa’s big five, the elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, and rhinoceros. Perhaps our most safari-experienced readers already have fully fulfilled their bucket list in Africa. But many people in Europe don’t know that the continent is home to equally impressive creatures of incommensurable ecological value.... … Read more

Tasting Portugal: Port, chestnuts, and aguardente

21 October 2020 TASTING PORTUGAL: PORT, CHESTNUTS, AND AGUARDENTE It was a bit of a squeeze, but I managed to enjoy the beautiful Greater Coa Valley in Portugal again at the start of October. Visiting our partners and testing new accommodations in Covid times isn’t easy, but with the correct measures in place, it was still possible.... Read more

The mountains are calling

25 September 2020 I’ve travelled to plenty of mountainous areas, and they are all beautiful in their own way. But the Central Apennines in Italy have a special place in my heart. I’m not sure if it’s the inspiring mountain vista’s, the omnipresent wildlife, or the Italian food and wine, but it is such a wonderful place to visit. ... Read more

24 hours in the Veluwe. Experiencing a sustainable micro-adventure.

9 September 2020 Last week the European Safari Company spent 24h discovering the natural area of the Veluwe in the Netherlands, spotting wildlife and sleeping out in a bivak. ... Read more

Six autumn getaways to get lost in Europe’s nature

2 September 2020 Slowly but steadily the leaves start falling, the pumpkins keep growing, the rain washes our windows and we start wearing our cozy sweaters again. Autumn is arriving and with the new season come new travel possibilities to enjoy the coziest month of the year. Read our top six recommendations for your next sustainable getaway this autumn. ... … Read more

Warm and fuzzy days in cold Swedish Lapland

28 August 2020 For a long, long time I wished to visit Swedish Lapland in the heart of winter. Temperatures far below freezing, meters of snow, reindeer, hot fires, husky sledding and the occasional sauna. I imagined it would be magical.... Read more

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