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Covid-19, nature and tourism in Scotland

5 August 2020 It is not breaking news that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected greatly the tourism industry all over the world. On the other hand, some places have experienced positive effects in nature and air quality derived from the lockdown situation that some countries have gone through. But how are people involved in both nature conservation and touristic… Read more

Mario Cipollone: Nature and tourism in the Abruzzo's

29 July 2020 This week we have interviewed Mario Cipollone, team leader of Rewilding Apennines. He offers his take on the beauty and importance of Italy’s nature and the impact of choosing sustainable and nature-friendly holidays. Mario has been working in conservation since 2012. In 2019 he became the Team Leader of Rewilding Apennines.... Read more

Your guide to the Rhodope Mountains

22 July 2020 The Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria are one of Europe’s most important wildlife hotspots. Situated on the crossroads of Asia and Europe it has developed in the last years a strong network of sustainable initiatives supporting nature based tourism. ... Read more

Between birds and bison: Exploring the Polish Oder Delta

15 July 2020 Aukje Van Gerven from The European Safari Company traveled in March to the Oder Delta in Poland to visit our partners on the field and experience first hand the magic of one of Europe's most important birdlife hotspots. "In March this year, I finally get to visit the Oder Delta in Poland, which has been on my list for a while. Three days after my… Read more

Rewilding Efforts and Tourism in the Rhodope Mountains

10 June 2020 We talked with Hristo Hristov, a rewilding officer from the Rewilding Rhodopes team, about the efforts in this area and what tourism means for the conservation of the region. He has worked for more than 30 years on nature conservation and sustainable development in the Eastern Rhodopes. ... Read more

A Cowboy Experience in the Velebit Mountains with Dr. Bruce Yerkovich

5 June 2020 Stretching from the edge of the Adriatic Sea to peaks of 1750 metres, the stunning Velebit region is covered by beech and pine forests, underground canyons, caves and waterfalls. Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is the only genuine working guest ranch in Croatia. Surrounded by 200,000 hectares of the UNESCO Velebit Nature Park, the ranch offers a range of… Read more

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