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On the Polish Side of the Delta with Iwona

19 May 2020 The Oder Delta is a region where the return of nature creates new sources of income and pride. Located on the Baltic coast of Poland and Germany, the exciting Oder Delta is a unique and wild region boasting a rich mosaic of terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems.... Read more

On the trail of bewitching bovines: Matei Myculescu

8 May 2020 Along the southern end of Romania's arcing Carpathian Mountains, some of the continent's largest wilderness landscapes are the perfect setting for a true European safari. Rugged mountain chains, mixed forest and beautiful rivers provide a magnificent playground for intrepid travellers. Now a rewilding stronghold, this area has seen over 100 bison… Read more

See Swedish Lapland through the eyes of Cicci Andersson

8 May 2020 Ringed by the Arctic Circle and bordered by Norway, Finland and the Baltic Sea, Swedish Lapland extends across the top quarter of Sweden. Frequently referred to as "Europe's Alaska", this unique region is characterized by great swathes of pine, spruce and fir, berrycarpeted tundra, whitewater rivers teeming with salmon, and rustic lakeside villages. … Read more

Weleaf comes back home

30 April 2020 We are at the airport looking at the empty departure hall. It’s us and about 5 other passengers on an international airport. We are covering ourselves with masks and our hands are inside our gloves. Covid-19 brings drastic changes to our trip. ... Read more

Everything you always wanted to know about ecotourism

29 April 2020 Since all travel and leisure has come to a halt due to the outbreak of Covid-19, The European Safari Company wants to use this time to spread knowledge and awareness about ecotourism and other forms of sustainable traveling. In a series of blogs we will discover how can you change the world through travelling, why it is so important to support ethical… Read more

A journey through Italy’s wild heart with Umberto Esposito

22 April 2020 Umberto has been passionate about nature since he was a child. “I had the opportunity to discover the beauties of the Central Apennines thanks to the first excursions with my childhood friends, retracing only the footprints and stories of my maternal grandfather. Today at the age of 38, an introverted, solitary, thoughtful character, I try to descend… Read more

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