Meet Cicci

Cicci grew up on a small farm in Niemisel, in the Rane River Valley – where a very natural approach to wildlife and nature was common practice.

Being aware of nature and all it has to offer was part of her childhood and although she moved from the village at a young age, she returned almost 30 years later; back to her roots and back to nature.

Focusing on community development from within, Cicci is the face of Sorbyn Lodge and is well respected in the area.

My “red line” through life has been local development and to get people involved and believe in their ideas.

So now I´m really happy to be part of creating and building up something sustainable as Sorbyn Lodge and also cooperate with the Rewilding initiative which matches perfectly, a unique experience to show the people who visit the area. 

"That Nature is perfect - it provides relaxation, peace of mind and opens the contact with the wise part in every human being.”

Cicci Andersson

Sorbyn Lodge