Meet Duarte

Since 2002 Duarte has joined several Iberian wolf monitoring, research and conservation projects. With travels through several Portuguese and foreign locations as a wildlife researcher, guide and environmental education technician.

Duarte' primary interest is in great mammal behavioural ecology and human-wildlife interface which presents him with untapped information, knowledge and experience. Western Iberia is a biodiversity hotspot and is a great place to understand and work with human-wildlife conflicts and challenges.

'Dear Wolf' is a combination of nature tourism and research - based at Montesinho Natural Park (NE Portugal) covering a region where a natural trophic chain is still possible to observe. Here, several Iberian wolf packs prey exclusively on abundant wild prey, such as the majestic red deer, roe deer and wild boar.

Wolves travel through a variety of local habitats that can be found over the numerous hills and hidden valleys. It is the ideal place to observe and learn more about Western Iberia great mammals. From an ecological point of view, this region works as a role model to be replicated. Natural systems have been reestabiished and it is a great place to learn and experience the complexity of prey-preadator dynamics. 

It's a region where humans and wildlife coevolved in a unique way, leading to outsanding local cultures and a variety of landscapes. I do believe that sustainable and ethical ecotourism can be a very important tool to build trust and improve the local economy.

'Nature and wildlife represent the unknown, the endless mystery, a beautiful one, made of colours, sounds, scents and dynamics.  So much to learn, understand and discover.'

Duarte Cadete

Nature guide and Biologist