Meet Emanuel

Born and raised in a small village outside the town Nyköping in south of Sweden. As a kid he always had a strong interest for nature and all living things. At the age of 15 he decided to study sport fishing at the Forshaga fishing Academy in the county of Vermland.

For five years he studied both biology and restoration of waters, and also did a two year education within hunting and fishing guiding.

He has always had a special attraction to northern parts of Sweden and since a few years ago lives on a small farm next to the Råneriver close to the lodge.

He is a very keen angler and spends almost more time on the water than on land.In 2017 he got the European length record on perch at 61.5cm and his biggest pike weighed 14240g.

Asides from fishing he has a big passion for food, and finds pleasure in working with good quality products and refining them.He loves to share his passion for nature, cooking and fishing with the people he meets. Emanuel always strives to give his guests a personalised and holistic experience. He wishes everyone would have the chance to come up to the northern parts of Sweden and experience the wild nature and culture they have to offer.

Emanuel Swärd